A Comprehensive Guide to Cold Calling Real Estate Leads

Li Ramos
Li Ramos
Published: Jan 19, 2023
Last updated: Jan 18, 2023
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cold calling real estate

In the realm of real estate, cold calling is a powerful way to find new clients, generate leads, and build relationships with potential buyers and sellers. To put it more simply, cold calling is the act of connecting with people who have not yet expressed interest in your business.

While cold calling real estate leads may seem daunting, it can be a strong asset in your real estate toolkit. With it, you can directly reach out to potential clients and showcase your expertise, leading to more business and increased revenue.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, this comprehensive guide will help you make the most of your real estate cold calling efforts! We’ll cover the importance of cold calling leads in real estate, how to get numbers for cold calling, and best practices for making cold calls to prospects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cold calling is a sales technique where you reach out to potential clients who have not previously expressed interest in your product or service.
  • In real estate, cold calling gives you a chance to showcase your expertise and value as a real estate expert to build trust and credibility with potential buyers and sellers.
  • Cold calling real estate leads is an effective way to get prospects and build customer relationships with them. With this, you can boost revenue by converting them into closed deals.
  • Before cold calling leads, you need to prepare your business goals, cold calling list, cold calling script, and other relevant information.


How Does Cold Calling Work?

Cold calling is a sales technique of making phone calls to people who fit your ideal customer profile but have not previously expressed interest in your product or service. It has three main goals:

  • To introduce your business and what you can offer
  • To build rapport with the prospect
  • To try to set up a follow-up appointment for potential sales opportunities.

While cold calling may not always lead to immediate results, it’s a crucial aspect of growing and scaling your real estate business. By creating a targeted approach and using best practices, real estate agents can effectively use cold calling to find new clients and boost sales.

Before cold calling real estate leads, you will need to identify potential clients and generate a list of leads that your team can pursue. Cold calling leads can be compiled through research or outsourced lead generation services.

You should also have a cold calling script or outline prepared to keep your calls structured and informative. This should include an introduction, a brief overview of what you offer, and a closing statement. It’s also important to gauge the prospect’s interest to further engage them by setting another meeting or any other actions you want them to take.

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Why is Real Estate Cold Calling Important?

In real estate, cold calling allows you to directly connect with potential buyers and sellers. It’s your chance to showcase your expertise and value as a real estate expert to build trust and credibility with your prospects.

If the prospect expresses interest, you can then set up a follow-up meeting with your real estate agent to further discuss what you can offer and possibly close the sale. On the other hand, you can still gather information like their needs and preferences to tailor future sales efforts if the prospect is not interested.

Cold calling is an effective way to get more leads and build customer relationships in the real estate industry. However, you must approach it with efficient and practical strategies for a successful call. Then, you can boost revenue by converting leads into closed deals.

How to Prepare for a Cold Call

Being prepared is key to a successful cold call, especially in the competitive world of real estate. It allows you to know which actions to take and what tools to use in reaching your goal/s. Here are some steps you can take before cold calling real estate leads:

1. Set cold calling goals you want to reach

Cold calling can be a frustrating experience for real estate agents. No one wants to be rejected but you can set and manage your expectations. This allows your reps to reach achievable and quality sales goals.

Make sure that you set business goals for your real estate cold calling efforts. There are different methods to do so like OKRs and SMART goal setting. You can take it to the next level with SMARTER cold calling goals:

smarter cold calling goals

2. Generate a list of cold calling leads

Before you can start, you need a cold calling list you can pursue complete with their contact details and other relevant information. Here’s how to get numbers for cold calling:

  • Use public records

You can gather cold calling leads along with their contact information from public sources such as online directories, real estate websites, or property records. Look into those that are aligned with your business. You can also try calling expired listings.

  • Ask for referrals

Build your network with other real estate agents and current clients. Ask them for potential leads and their contact details.

  • Take advantage of social media

Use social media to your advantage by building an online presence. Create lead magnets or post ads to capture the contact details of potential customers.

  • Get a list from cold calling outsourcing services

There are real estate cold calling services that sell lists of potential leads and their contact phone numbers. These can be sorted by criteria such as location or listings.

Once you have a cold calling list, take the time to research your prospects. Gather information such as their demands, preferences, and any other details about their property or real estate needs.

3. Craft a cold calling script or outline

Create a clear and concise cold calling script or even just an outline with all the key points you want to make during the call. This allows you to convey your message efficiently and distinctly in a certain amount of time to avoid keeping your prospect on the line for too long.

real estate agent talking to a customer lead

A script can effectively guide your reps on how to talk to your leads, even if they are new to the team. Make sure that it can also adapt and address any possible situation that may arise during the call.

4. Practice and train for the call

Take the time to run through your cold calling script or outline with your team or colleague to get feedback. This also allows you and your reps to be more comfortable with the material for a more natural execution during the call.

5. Identify who the decision maker is

Pinpoint who the key decision maker is before cold calling leads so you can address them directly. This way, you don’t waste time reaching out to the wrong person and you can get a quicker response.

Best Practices When Cold Calling Leads

Once you start cold calling real estate leads, it’s important to be respectful and professional during the call to build trust and credibility. Below are proven ways to ensure that your cold calls can showcase your business and its value effectively:

best practices when cold calling leads

1. Work on and practice your introduction

Make sure you introduce yourself and your real estate business when you start your real estate cold calling. This should include your name and your role in the business, as well as what your business does.

That said, it’s best that you start the call by greeting and addressing the person you’re calling. After that, you can then tell them your name and your role in your business.

Make sure to ask for permission to speak with the prospect if they aren’t the key decision-maker. Then, follow it up with “We’ve never met before but here’s why I’m calling…” to pique their interest.

Work on an engaging way to introduce yourself to avoid being shut down right away. Without giving away who you are or why you’re calling easily right after the person picks up the phone, you can ensure that they are more attentive and curious.

2. Give an overview of your service

After the prospect agrees to hear you out, you should now give out the finer details of your call such as an overview of your services. Create a short pitch that explains what value you can offer to the prospect.

Your cold calling script will be crucial at this moment to make sure that what you’re saying is informative but also interesting. The overall goal is to plant the seed of selling or buying a property in the prospect’s mind. Remember to add a sense of urgency as well.

real estate agent

3. Be prepared for questions and objections

When you’re cold calling leads, it’s common to come across questions and objections on what you’ve said. So, make sure that your cold calling script has the flexibility to manage pain points. It’s also best if you prepare for any possible scenario that may arise.

On top of that, you should have the proper knowledge about your business and products to satisfy their queries and concerns. Lastly, you and your real estate agents should always be professional, personable, and persuasive in talking to prospects.

4. Set up a follow-up appointment

If the prospect shows interest in learning more about your real estate business, close the call by setting up a follow-up meeting or call. This way, you can further discuss their needs or invite them to open houses, and potentially close the deal.

On the other hand, you can provide options to those who don’t necessarily express further interest. This can be asking if they want to get a follow-up email or asking about their feedback and other needs, or even asking for referrals. This lets you further understand your prospects and/or get more leads for future sales efforts.

Tips for Success in Real Estate Cold Calling

Cold calling real estate leads is a great tool to find new clients and grow your business. You need to always improve your strategy to ensure that you can get your prospects through the sales funnel successfully.

tips for success in real estate cold calling

Set your real estate agents for success with some of the top tips for cold calling leads:

1. Personalize the cold calling experience

While you’re calling a lot of phone numbers, you need to keep in mind that there are actual people on the other line. Customize the experience for whoever you’re calling by using their name and mentioning any relevant details about their property or real estate needs.

With a personalized real estate cold calling experience, you can build trust and rapport with the prospect. It will also make them feel more open to what you have to offer if you convey that you really care about them and aren’t just trying to reach your sales quota.

2. Be patient and persistent

As a real estate agent, you need to be relentless to close a sale. It may even take several attempts to reach out to a lead, so you must be patient. That said, make sure that you call at the right time such as in the evening when most people are home from work.

During the call, answer any questions or concerns. Account for different scenarios that may arise so you can effectively react to them. However, you should also be professional and respectful towards your prospects so they won’t be turned off by your aggressive sales.

Lastly, be personable to prospects as you follow your cold calling script to avoid sounding stiff and robotic.

cold calling outsourcing services

3. Make it short and succinct

While you want the call to flow like a natural conversation, it’s best to keep it short and to the point. This way, you can convey your message clearly without having to spend too much time on a prospect. It also gives way to any questions or objections that the prospect may have.

Don’t ramble on or give a lengthy pitch when cold calling leads. You run the risk of making your prospect impatient which would ultimately lead to rejection.

4. Streamline your cold calling proces

Between how to get numbers for cold calling and setting an appointment with a prospect, there are a lot of tasks to be done. Take advantage of technology like auto-dialers, call trackers, and lead management software to help you manage and simplify the process.

For an easier route, you can also outsource cold calling services so you can just focus on closing sales. They will generate leads, reach out to them via phone, set a follow-up appointment, and more on your behalf.

Magic: Outsource Cold Calling Services to Boost Your Real Estate Business

While real estate cold calling may be unnerving at first, taking the time to prepare and using best practices and tips can help increase your chances of success. It’s a crucial tool for any real estate agents looking to generate leads and build relationships with potential clients.

Cold calling real estate leads can be a long process with slow results. It’s important to be tenacious and spend your time and resources wisely. Boost your cold calling efforts by outsourcing lead generation and appointment setting!

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