Life is short. Magic's 24/7 virtual assistant helps turn your dreams into a reality.

Have ambitious goals? Help is on the way. With Magic, it's easier than ever to launch a new business, finish your bucket list, travel the world, or accomplish anything else you've been meaning to get done.

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How Magic works

Text Magic your goals. Once you and Magic agree on a plan, Magic gets to work. You'll always be chatting with a skilled assistant personally dedicated to you.

I forgot my credit card at the bar. Can you send someone trustworthy to pick it up?

Please call into my webinar every week, take notes, and send them to my team

Can you book me a flight for the Atlanta conference? Try to get me an upgrade with my usual rewards program.

Can you log in and respond to our customer support Zendesk emails every day from 5pm-8am?

Can you help me track the good events to attend from my Meetup? I've been missing all the postings because there are way too many.

And anything else, as long as it's legal and possible!

Your personal assistant

Friendly, super-competent, creative, tireless. Magic learns about your life, remembers your preferences, can log into your accounts, and interact with your friends and coworkers as your very own dedicated assistant. You can even reserve a Magic custom name.

Text Magic casually, just like you would a helpful friend.


Gives you peace of mind

Magic never drops a task. Ever. When you give us a task, you can focus on the more important things in life and not worry about whether or not it will get done. We manage clients with hundreds of simultaneous tasks without skipping a beat.

Our software ensures that the assistants always know exactly what to do next:

We love big challenges

Magic will work on any task. We've coordinated with art directors to build custom robotic arms, helped a startup raise millions in funding, and secured access to impossible-to-get venues and festivals. Magic will take on any challenge. There are zero limitations on how you can use Magic.

"Before giving the opening keynote to 3,000 entrepreneurs at the Archangel Summit in Toronto, Magic found a way to locate, ship, and deliver (and avoid customs) 3,000 tiny hands to me back stage in 24 hours."

Sally Hogshead
New York Times bestselling author, CEO of "How to Fascinate", and former advertising executive.

Simple pricing

Business Pricing

Trusted by busy people

Magic is like having Elon Musk as your secretary.

Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes

CEO, SpaceVR

Magic is truly magic. It's like having the Four Seasons concierge and an Ivy League intern at your fingertips 24/7/365.

Laurence Girard

Laurence Girard

CEO, FruitStreet

Magic is all the on-demand services rolled into one. I've asked them to help me with everything from booking a next day DMV appointment, to getting last minute tickets to exclusive events.

Veronika Kapustina

Veronika Kapustina

Angel Investor

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