The Present and Future of Work - Magic on “At Your Doorstep” - Magic Virtual Assistant

The Present and Future of Work – Magic on “At Your Doorstep”

The Present and Future of Work – Magic on “At Your Doorstep”

It would be an understatement to say that the way people work has changed in the past year or so. The pandemic and its effects have forced sales to go digital, and much of work to go remote⁠.

But it’s not a total overhaul. What changes are here to stay? Which ones will, so to speak, go back to normal? On a recent episode of “At Your Doorstep”, a web series hotels by  international supply chain intelligence platform Freightwaves⁠⁠,  Magic’s co-founder and president, Aaron Kemmer discussed how work has already changed, and where it’s probably headed.

Taking a different approach to the show’s usual topics of freight and logistics, Aaron and series host Kaylee Nix talked about taking business digital, the backend work that goes into it, and how sourcing remote talent can address these challenges. Here are some of the highlights:

“If you’re not selling your product online then somebody else will.”

The ability to effectively take advantage of online sales is a major determinant of success. Moving business online takes a lot of work, though, especially on the back end. In many ways, moving to e-commerce is a question of staffing as much as it is one of technology.

Aaron Kemmer

“Speed, I think, is the name of the game in e-commerce in 2021.”

Given these constraints, it’s no surprise that a lot of businesses turned to us looking for help filling back office roles. A lot of them needed programmers, designers or sales reps⁠—but not necessarily full-time. There’s a clear need for effective, flexible solutions.

“The future is where people can build up their own brand. Imagine the gig economy combining with social media.”

New demands from businesses mean new opportunities for resourceful workers to repackage their services. What might the future of work look like, not just for freelancers, but for everyone?

Listen to the full conversation here.

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