Shopify - Magic Personal Assistant App


Automatically manages your Shopify listings

Magic helps put your Shopify on autopilot and handles all of the little issues that are taking up your time.

Have Magic keep your inventory up-to-date with the correct amount of stock and updated product photos. Have Magic respond to refund requests or troubleshoot why a package hasn’t arrived yet.  

Use Magic to manually connect Shopify to other apps that aren’t integrated with Shopify.

Set it and Forget it

Magic can log in and update your Shopify regularly, as often as you need (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Magic can connect multiple apps you’re using together. For example, if you have items listed Ebay as well as on Shopify, you can ask Magic to keep the listings in sync.

I want you to sync my Ebay, Amazon, and Shopify listings.
I want you to sync my Ebay, Amazon, and Shopify listings.

Getting Started

Give Magic access to Shopify by adding your Shopify login credentials to your secure vault.

Once Magic can log in to your Shopify account, tell us what you’d like to accomplish. It’s as simple as asking for it over chat.


Login as a


Login as an


Login as an


New: Magic Dedicated Assistant, starting at $10/hour.