G Suite - Magic Personal Assistant App

G Suite

Works Out-Of-The-Box With Magic

We are deeply integrated with G Suite and can immediately work with you using any of the Google tools.

Inviting Magic into your Organization

All remote workers at Magic have access to G Suite already. You don’t need to create anyone a new account.

If you prefer to add Magic as a member of your organization, you can do so. Magic will log into a new account that’s tied to your domain (e.g. magic@yourcompany.com).

To do this, create a new account. Add that account’s login credentials into your vault to give Magic secure access.

Collaborate Live with Magic

When you share a link with Magic on Google Drive – for example, a Google Doc link – Magic will hop in using its own Google account and get to work.

You’ll be able to watch and see exactly what Magic is working on in the live.

New: Magic Dedicated Assistant, starting at $10/hour.