Basecamp - Magic Personal Assistant App


Project Management with Magic + Basecamp

Assign tasks directly to Magic in Basecamp. Or have Magic check to see if other tasks are falling through the cracks. 

Magic makes project management for your entire team 10x easier.

Getting Started

To get started, create an account for Magic. 

Once you’ve created a new account, add its login credentials into your vault. This allows Magic to login securely as needed.

Magic can also create its own account. In that case, you’ll need to invite Magic into your project.

Assigning ‘To-Dos’ to Magic

Once Magic has an account and is invited into your project, you can send work to Magic by assigning Magic “to-dos.”

Assigning to-dos to Magic works exactly the same as assigning to-dos to any other team member in Basecamp.

Just type in the name of Magic’s account in the Assign To field.

Catching Dropped Tasks

You can assign Magic to routinely check your Basecamp for dropped tasks and then take an action every time a task is dropped.

When a task hasn't been updated in 5 days, ping me.
When a task hasn't been updated in 5 days, ping me.

Login as a


Login as an


Login as an


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