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What counts as time spent working

Magic uses algorithms to track time automatically

We track everything our remote workers are doing using a Chrome extension their web browser. We have proprietary algorithms automatically assess every single event that occurs in their browsers, down to the mouse click, and estimate whether or not that event counts as work. 

Our system is intelligent enough to understand when we’re working on your tasks instead of someone else’s. Based on this information, we’re able to get an accurate picture of how much time our team members are spending working for you.  This is shown to you each week in your bill.

Events that always count as "work":

  • Reading your messages
  • Sending you messages
  • Taking notes about your task
  • Making phone calls
  • Visiting websites related to your task
  • Editing your calendar
  • Writing emails
  • Using task manager

Events that never count as "work":

  • Team meetings
  • Team conversations in chat, even if its about your task
  • Breaks and idle time
  • Any work that’s done outside of the web browser or telephone

Events that count as "work" if we manually track them:

  • Using apps related to your task (e.g. ordering an Uber) that are not available to use on a web browser.

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