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How We Track Time

Magic uses an advanced algorithm to accurately track the time your assistants spend on your requests.

We developed this solution because other solutions, like standard time clocks, aren’t as accurate.

This is in place to make sure you only pay for time spent directly working on your requests.

Assistant time is tracked by the minute

You only pay for the time spent actively working on your requests.

This time is counted by the minute, and each minute is individually tracked, automatically, using software.

Our software tracks everything your assistants do on the phone and computer.

For example: reading your text messages, doing research, placing online orders, making phone calls, setting reminders, and using apps.

Any idle time, including thinking about the best way to get your task done, or brainstorming strategies with other assistants, is free.

Example of tracked time, billed vs. not billed

Blue indicates time spent on your request. Red indicates idle time, or time not spent actively working on your request.

In this example, the assistant takes a break to think about your request for two minutes, at 12:36 and 12:37. We make sure this time is not counted.

Only time spent actively working on your requests is billed

Asking questions about the service and friendly chatting with Magic is free.

Only time spent working on a request is billed.

For more information about what time is typically free vs. an hourly rate read this guide.

You pay for the time spent, not for the result

You pay for the time our assistants spend actively working on your requests. If you decide to cancel the request after work has been done, you are still billed for that time.

This is also true if there is a problem with your request (for example, if USPS fails to deliver your package on time) or if we fail to provide an option you are satisfied with.

This is the same as if you hired an employee or contractor. We have just simplified the process, making sure you only pay for time actively spent.

If you have a concern about this, or about any usage report you receive, please send an email to

You will be emailed a usage report once a week

Each week you will receive a usage report by email, showing how much time was spent on your requests.

We will also show how much time you saved, and how much money you saved by being charged by the minute, instead of by hour blocks.

If you are not receiving a usage report, check your spam filter. You can also ask Magic to send you another usage report at any time. Just text us, or email

Too much Magic?

If you are surprised by how much time you’re using, we recommend limiting your usage and using Magic selectively.

You can set a time cap of 1 hour or more per request. This will help you control how much time you’re using.

For each request you want to cap, just text Magic and let them know. We want you to love Magic and make it an affordable way to improve your life.

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