Get started with Magic for Business - Magic Virtual Assistant

Get started with Magic for Business

Put Magic where you work

It’s easy to start using Magic. Magic will log into the apps your team is already using.

We’ve also built specialized integrations with many of the most popular tools companies use, like Slack, Shopify, Trello, Hubspot, Linkedin, Zendesk, and G Suite.

Use Magic as a sales assistant

Increase sales without hiring a bigger sales team. Magic will find you more potential customers, manage your CRM, and help you close more leads.

Lead generation

Tell Magic what kind of leads you’re looking for and how many you need. To source the leads, Magic will scrape public directories like Linkedin and AngelList or use tools like Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo.

Lead qualification

Have Magic qualify and sanitize your leads. Just send over a spreadsheet or have Magic log into your CRM. Removing bad data from your CRM can often save you money, allowing you to drop down to a lower tier of pricing.

Outbound sales

Magic will outbound your leads over email, LinkedIn, or any other platform. Since Magic is powered by people, not AI, your potential customers will receive personalized, custom messages software just isn’t capable of writing.

Closing leads

With Magic, you’ll never have a lead go cold again. Magic makes your sales team super responsive and can reply to any incoming lead with a custom, personalized message in five minutes or less, 24/7.

Custom sales persona

When reaching out to potential customers, Magic can represent itself however you’d like. Magic can send messages as you, or create a totally new persona (e.g. Jeff, an employee in your company.)

Use Magic to handle your customer support

Magic is perfect for handling customer support over chat and email. That’s because we handle requests over chat and email all day, every day.

Full-time customer support

Magic will log into whatever customer support software you’re already using. Our remote workers will learn your custom processes and will be trained and quizzed on your procedures, just like if you hired your own customer support team. It’s a completely seamless experience.

On demand customer support

If you don’t want to completely replace your existing customer support with Magic, you’ll still find Magic extremely helpful to handle off-hours and peak load. Magic will hop in whenever you need it. You’ll save money by having a smaller customer support team, since you won’t have to hire additional full time employees to cover the extra hours.

Use Magic for research & data entry

Have Magic do research for you. Magic will give you the results organized in a CSV or PDF file for your convenience.

Market research

Simply tell Magic what information you want in plain English. For example: “Tell me the size of the telemedicine industry projected into 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. Find pre and post COVID-19 projections and estimate the difference.”

Competitive analysis

Have Magic find out details about your competitors. You can send Magic a blank spreadsheet with the columns defined and ask Magic to fill it out with your 10 most relevant competitors. 

Web & directory scraping

Give Magic an information directory, such as a list of companies attending a conference, and Magic will put that info into a spreadsheet. If any information is missing in the directory, you can have Magic go on the web and find it.

Have Magic handle your email

Magic can assist you with your email whenever you need it. If your inbox is constantly overwhelmed and you want to fully outsource your email, Magic can log into your inbox and completely handle it for you.

On demand help

Just ‘CC’ Magic on any email thread, and Magic will treat it like a task and get to work. Magic will jump in and reply to the email thread or just take action behind the scenes. It’s up to you.

Completely handling your inbox

You can fully outsource your email experience by allowing Magic to log into you email. Magic will check with you on what actions it should take over chat. You can have all of the benefits of email without ever checking your inbox.

Use Magic to automate scheduling

Magic can log into whatever scheduling tools your team is using, like Google Calendar and Calendly. Magic can handle complicated scheduling situations that can’t be automatically handled with software.

Scheduling video calls

When you need to schedule a video call with a client, investor, or hiring candidate, just CC Magic in the email thread. Magic will contact them and work to find a time that works for both you and them. Magic will keep track of the schedules and availability of everyone on your team in real time and can reschedule calls anytime.

Travel & event planning

If your team regularly travels or goes to conferences or events, Magic can help coordinate everything and make sure there are no scheduling conflicts. Magic can also book travel and immediately reschedule for you and your team whenever necessary.

Have Magic manage your social media

Magic can automate any process of your social media management, from maintaining an account to creating and posting regularly scheduled content.

Maintaining an account

Magic can automate following and unfollowing people in your target audience, reply to direct messages, and manage comments to your posts.

Creating & publishing content

If you’d like to automate your social media or blog even further, Magic can also create content for you and post regularly at a schedule. 

Magic is especially helpful in creating a fast “first draft” to get the ball rolling. You can use Magic’s draft as a jumping off point to your team, who will create and ship the final product, or have Magic finish the work. Magic will make any changes you suggest until it’s the way you like it.

New: Magic Virtual Assistant, starting at $10/hour.

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