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Business Goals: Google Ads Campaign Types That Can Boost Sales

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
June 23, 2022
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Using Google ads is a productive marketing strategy for driving qualified traffic to a business. Choosing the most effective Google ads campaign types for your marketing campaigns can increase your online store visits and purchases. 

Google ads serve as great paid tools to increase brand awareness of your business. They allow you to achieve your business goals, especially since you can customize your ads to target specific demographics and keywords.

5 Google Ads Campaign Types You Should Know

Are Google ads worth it? Definitely. They’ve been shown to establish brand awareness, boost conversions and increase sales. 

A Google ad has three layers namely: account, campaign, and ad groups, which can be customized to suit your prospects. In fact, Google ads were designed to help businesses generate high-quality leads by focusing paid campaigns on keywords targeted at your prospective audience. 

There are five Google Ads campaign types. Here’s how these ads are different from each other and how you can use each one to increase conversions and sales:

Search Campaigns

Google search ads refer to the text ads on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). These ads can be seen in either the top section of organic search results or the bottom of the page. They’re intended to attract potential customers who are already looking to buy products or services similar to what you’re offering. 

A promotional campaign begins by creating compelling ad copy. Focus on the benefits that your user can expect from your product or service instead of its features. Your ad space is limited so make sure to choose your words carefully. Check that it appeals to your target audience’s needs and emotions.

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Additionally, create responsive search ads by preparing a series of headlines and descriptions, which Google can then automatically match to provide the best performing mixes. A responsive search ad allows you to match the user search intent and enhance your search campaign performance. 

Daily Harvest, a plant-based meal delivery startup, uses Google search ads to promote its smoothies. The ads list the benefits of their smoothies and entice prospects with discounts. The link redirects buyers to a landing page, where they can choose what to buy (or subscribe to their newsletter). Users can submit their zip code and email address to see if the company delivers to their location. Daily Harvest’s personalized ad campaigns are a great example of the flexibility of search ads.   

Display Campaigns

Display ads use images to generate brand awareness. They target prospects who may be interested in your product or service but are not actively searching yet. Your target audience can see these on apps, videos, websites, and Gmail accounts. Display ads are intended for customers who are in the buying cycle since they introduce them to your business and your offers. Essentially, they build your online presence

Why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads? They give better control over where your ads are displayed on Google search partner websites. They can appear in the shopping tab, Google Maps, or above, beside, and below the search results on Google Play. They also allow Google to automatically create ads from your videos, images, and other assets. As a result, they save time on creating ad portfolios and let you focus on improving performance. In the end, you’re able to build awareness of your brand

Remember to use display campaigns for brand awareness and search ads to convert prospects into customers.

Shopping Campaigns

Google shopping ad campaigns focus on products. They advertise to shoppers who are already planning to buy. They do this by displaying particular product searches on Google. 

Shopping ads include the product title, price, name of the store, and average review scores. These ads give shoppers vital information about the product searched before they visit the store. Showcase shopping ads even provide viewers with similar products grouped together for comparison. They allow them to see the featured products and choose the best at a glance. On the whole, shopping ads increase traffic to e-commerce sites and boost sales on online shops by making it easy for them to find products that they are looking for.

Video Campaigns

Video ads put your brand in front of prospective customers on YouTube, which acts as a search engine for videos. Video ads play before, during, or even after each YouTube video, and in search results. 

A video ad campaign is best used for demographic targeting: reaching your prospects based on their age, gender, and interests. 

Present your offer within the first 30 seconds of the video ads to ensure that your audience can watch them. After this time, many watchers lose interest and move on to other videos. Make sure to include a clear CTA in that time window as well.

As business owners, you can learn from Nike’s marketing strategies and customize effective tactics for your business marketing. Nike targets sports enthusiasts by using endorsements from famous athletes. For your business, get the right authority or cultural figure to get your target audience’s attention.

App Campaigns

App ads are ideal for businesses with mobile apps. Google ads let users advertise on its properties such as YouTube, Google Play, Search, and the Google Display Network. This ad type can increase your business app installs because it encourages your prospects to install your app by directing them to the play store page.  

App campaigns offer a streamlined ad creation process. All you have to do is provide the text, the starting bid, and the budget for this ad. You can also set the languages and specific locations for this campaign. Google later adapts these data to different kinds of networks and formats for you. Then, give it a minimum of one week to optimize your ad campaigns before deciding to continue or pause this campaign.

Hire a Magic Digital Marketing Assistant to Create Google Ads

Google Ads Campaign

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Hiring a Magic digital marketing assistant allows you to have a reliable and hardworking VA as your support for daily Google ads campaign tasks. They can match the marketing goal to the correct ad extension. Plus, they can use the five Google ads campaign types correctly to ensure that they’re targeting the right target audience. Hire a Magic assistant to create your Google ad campaign and help you achieve your business goals today. 

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