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Magic Dedicated:
Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Dedicated connects you to jobs that match your skillset. Our clients are primarily based in the US and are typically small to medium-sized businesses and startups. You can think of us as a staffing agency that also handles your pay and other HR concerns. 

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Benefits of Joining

We search our pool of applicants for assistants who fit our clients’ job requirements. If your profile is chosen, we’ll reach out to you via email (, text, or call (may come from a US number) to verify your skills and readiness to work. 

After submission, your application will be screened within a couple of days by the hiring team. If you pass the screening, you join our pool of potential assistants. 

If your profile fits a client, you’ll be contacted for a short call to see if you’re interested in the role. You’ll be then introduced to the client to see if it’s a fit. If you both would like to work together, it’s a match!

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The Matching Process
First Call with Client

Payments are made by Magic (not your client) and are sent via Deel, our partner payment processor. 

You can create a Deel account after creating your Magic account (also known as Assistant Portal). Once your client approves the match, you’ll receive a Deel contract with the job details. 

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Payment Schedule

Your work hours are set by your client. Extra hours should be confirmed by your client before they are completed. Please let us know about any extra hours at before the end of the adjustment period.

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Your Work Schedule
Request Extra Hours

You can track your time from the Daily Time Record feature in your Magic account (Assistant Portal, Time Tracker section). 

Clocking in and out, in most cases, will not affect your pay. The tracker is mainly used as a reference should there be any disputes or discrepancies in time records. 

The primary basis for your payment will be your set work hours for the week. 

As with most freelance contracts, these do not include benefits.

If you need to take a leave/ schedule time off, inform your client and contact support ( Depending on how long you’ll be on leave, the client may either hire a backup for the time being or proceed in getting an assistant replacement. 

Neither clients nor Magic is obliged to provide paid time off.

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Taking Time Off

If you’re applying for any of the Magic Dedicated roles, please reach out to our

Hiring team at

If you’re a current assistant and have any questions or concerns, send us an email at

If you’re a current assistant and have any questions or concerns about your pay, please reach out to our Payroll team at

You can also check out our Assistant Help Desk.

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