Get a Team of Remote Workers within 72 Hours

Magic can find you a remote team with exactly the skills you need. Our recruits are fully trained, equipped⁠ and we do all the sourcing and screening for you.

Cost Effective
Pricing starts at $12/hr Enjoy flexibility with no setup fees or overhead costs.
Leave the sourcing and screening to us. An account manager will help you coordinate and onboard your team.
We recruit skilled, experienced workers for various roles, including sales, customer support, and administrative assistance.
You can expand your team or adjust their schedule whenever you need to.

What Sets Us Apart

Great WFH Setup

All of our recruits are fully equipped for remote work.

Carefully Screened

Our team assesses skills, experience and work ethic. We’ve matched thousands of workers with satisfied clients.

Effective Communicators

All recruits have a firm grasp of English, and communicate well across various channels and media.

Top University Graduates

We recruit Filipino university graduates, including alumni of the country’s top universities.

What Teams Do

Customer Support

Sales Enrichment & Qualification

Administrative Assistance

Customer Story


Yachtlife got a team to support its sales agents behind the scenes⁠ and achieved stellar results⁠—demonstrating that with someone else handling routine work, your in-house team can focus on the things they do best.
Patrick Curley - Yachtlife
Magic allows me to develop better relationships, handle clients better, create an overall better customer experience.

Best Virtual Assistant Services of 2022 - Investopedia

Best in Biz Awards 2021

Take your business to new heights, hire remote teams

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