Getting Started with Magic

We understand that as you get started you may have questions or need some hints to get the most out of your Magic experience. Below you will find some information on how Magic works, what to expect as you get started, and how to customize the service.

Your first requests with Magic

As you place your first few requests, you’ll be asked a number of questions by your Magicians that will help your team better get to know you. We’ll put in the initial time upfront to ensure that we fulfill your request to the best of our ability while simultaneously learning about you to make your future requests faster and more efficient. The more you use and share with Magic, the better it gets!

Hey Magic! Can you book a flight for me? I need to go from SFO to AUS on Friday, March 12th.
I'd like to book the 11:59AM flight with United.
Absolutely, Caroline! Can you provide us with your full legal name on your government issued ID? Also, do you have a United Frequent Flyer Number?

Magic gets more efficient as you use it.
As you use magic, the team learns your preferences and works more efficiently.

Share context with your Magicians
We encourage our users to share context, helpful hints, or background information when placing requests. Any information you have already gathered regarding your request is best to share with us so we pick up from where you left off rather than starting from scratch.

Hey Magic! I need to book a bartender for a bridal shower. I have already done my research and I'd like to use SF Bartenders. Can you reach out to them and see if they are available on April 22nd from 3PM-7PM. We are looking for a wine tasting event with 5 French Varietals. Need to know if they can do the event and need price quotes.
Absolutely, Caroline! We'll reach out to SF Bartenders now to check their availability and also work with them to get a quote for your event.
We'll have an update for you by 3 PM PST. Will you also need glassware for the event?

Request Tracking and Reminders

Your magicians are relentless, creative, and have software augmented memory. By default, they will follow up and continue updating you until completion of the request. This means that they will call to confirm reservations, track packages, and send you reminders.

Money saving pro-tip: You can ask your team to close or pause any requests that you don’t want them to follow up on.

Time Estimates
Due to the complexity of differing circumstances across users, Magic typically does not provide time estimates for requests before we start working. Requests are as unique as our users, they differ greatly based on your particular circumstances.

For example, restaurant reservations typically take less than 30 minutes, but we’ve spent hours helping our users get legendarily hard to get reservations.

Regardless of the situation, we always do our best to get you what you ask for, even when the circumstances are outlandish. You can stop your requests at any time and set a limit as low as one hour on all of your tasks. We only charge you for the time it takes to complete your request and we provide an update at the one hour mark.

Magic Multi-tasks

Now that you’re a Magic user, you have a team of 15 highly-trained Magicians ready and waiting to get started on all of your requests 24/7. Your requests are worked on collaboratively, so your team is always informed about what’s going on with you.

Magic is best experienced when you give us a lot to work with. When getting started, it’s best to send in your entire to-do list and add to it as you need. Don’t worry about overloading us, we can handle whatever you’ve got.

Also keep in mind that any task we accomplish for you gives you back time to focus on tasks that you want to be doing.

Hey, I want to book some flights... I'll need:

1. A flight back to the US from London on Sunday 5/7
2. A flight down to Charleston for Eric Nguyen's wedding on 6/1 (plz coordinate with Stuart to get on the same flight)
3. A flight from Charleston to London on 6/4 (ideally still Delta and direct flight like usual, same time as I normally fly if possible)
4. A flight back to SF on 7/9 (a Sunday)

Can you look up all these flights and then confirm them with me before booking?
A few other things too.

1. Can you also make sure to send my mom flowers tomorrow for her birthday, $80 budget
2. Arrange the usual catered lunch to the office by 1 PM for 7 people today. We have a meeting that starts at 1:30 so want everything set up by 1:15.