Sometimes you need inspiration to get started

Here's how to use Magic during the week:

Day 1

“Magic, can you book me a flight from SFO to Boston next weekend? I need to be in the office Monday morning at 9.”

We never forget frequent flyer #, booking details, and preferred airlines/seats. From flight reminders to checking you in, we can completely handle it for you.

Day 2

“I just emailed you bills that I would like you to pay monthly for me, including my rent on the 1st of every month.”

No need to deal with remembering specific dates to pay your bills and dealing with the various payment options. Magic remembers and pays on your behalf.

Day 3

“Hey Magic, can you send my mom flowers for her anniversary tomorrow?”

We'd handle finding a tasteful flower shop that can deliver to her address, follow up with the vendor, and make sure your personal message made it on the card.

Day 4

“I have 14 boxes and a bed that need to be moved to my new apartment on Sat, as well as some stuff that either needs to be donated or trashed. Can you help?”

Need to move your items? We can take it off your todo list. No need to coordinate dates and times, handle payment, and deal with services when you have Magic.

Day 5

“Can you call my eye doctor and set an appt for sometime next week sometime before noon? Add to calendar plz.”

Magic can schedule appointments, and manage your calendar. We remember your preferred doctors, securely store your insurance info, and understand your schedule.

Day 6

“It's my son’s 8th birthday party next month. I’m going to need your help getting a cake, decorations, catering options, and a lot more. I’ll email you a list.”

Planning events and dealing with all the moving parts and logistics has never been easier with an army of personal assistants at hand.

Day 7

“Traveling to Iceland from the 7th thru 21st...can you find a place to stay under $240 a night, and find the best place to catch the Northern Lights?”

Travel plans with specific dates and budget parameters can be used when we help plan your trips.

Ready to send in a request? Shoot us a text 83489 or +1 (408) 217-1721