Remote Work with Magic Personal Assistant App

Magic helps your company thrive in a remote setting

Get skilled remote employees available 24/7 instantly

Magic for Remote Teams

In these changing times, stay ahead of the competition by ramping up growth with a cost-effective hiring strategy. With Magic, you’re getting a workforce that’s available 24/7, highly trained, and scalable.

We can be your new SDRs, customer support agents, marketing analysts, social media associates, industry researchers and so much more.

We’ve had 4 years to build a virtual workforce — just plug us into your existing workflows and get results, fast.

Transition to Remote Work with Magic

If you’ve made the decision to go remote, help your team to adjust to remote work by filling in the gaps with a Magic Assistant. Save money and don’t miss a beat by implementing a team of remote workers to work alongside your employees. Magic can help the transition from office to home and support your staff so no work is lost.

Khurram Naik
Khurram Naik@khurramnaik
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I had to change plans for travel to San Francisco because of #COVID19 and @magic saved the day
Kirsten Lee Hill
Kirsten Lee Hill@kirsten_hill
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@magic is changing my life. Y’all are way more effective talking to customer service reps than I am. And, I’m living for it.
Alexandra Zatarain
Alexandra Zatarain@a_zatarain
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Romance as a startup founder: My husband uses @Magic to book @BarrysBootcamp Saturday class for both of us- without my buy in. Every week I find out when Magic sends me a calendar invite for the class, and for the romantic 1-1/brainstorming brunch that follows.
Kevin Ng
Kevin Ng@kevinkingng
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The concept of an on demand virtual assistant is a god send to busy entrepreneurs and professionals! Make sure you check out one of the best ones out there @magic

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