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Earn up to 50,000 PHP per month with Magic, an innovative Silicon Valley platform disrupting the future of remote work.

Get a great job working from home with Magic

Magic matches talented remote assistants working from home in the Philippines with awesome clients, including startups, small businesses and independent professionals, located all over the world.

What you get

  • Consistent USD 5.00/hr paid out weekly with potential bonuses & growth opportunities
  • A permanent work-from-home arrangement (full-time and part-time available).
  • Dedicated work for clients matched to your skills

Who you’ll work with

Our clients are entrepreneurs and executives of small to medium sized businesses, primarily in the US. You’ll join their team remotely and be a part of their organization.

For example, you might be working with a t-shirt company in Austin, TX, a data security startup in New York, or alongside a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

We have a variety of positions available. Candidates must have good work-from-home set up and excellent English communication skills.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re great at communication, problem-solving, and enjoy variety at work, this role is for you. You’ll be helping an executive or a team of executives with different administrative tasks weekly.

Sales Assistant

Sales assistant: Help a sales team qualify leads, find new customers, and in some cases, close leads and earn a commission.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Grow Instagram, Facebook, or other social media accounts. Create content. Track your results and increase engagement. If you have serious social media marketing experience, we’ll connect you with a great company looking to grow.

And more

Have a special skill or interesting background? We want to talk to you. Apply today and let us know what your skills and experience are. We’ll work to find a job that will fit with what you do best.

How it works


Magic is a Silicon Valley company leading the movement towards remote workforces over the last 5 years. Magic is headquartered in San Francisco and has operations in Manila.

Magic Dedicated is a new service offering for our partner clients and companies. Once we match you with a client, you will work directly with and report to your client. Your client will track, manage, delegate and assign your tasks.

The current rate is USD 5.00/hour paid through Deel. Deel is a reputable payroll platform for remote teams around the world. Once you’ve been set up with a client, you will receive your Deel contract through email. You will need to create an account in Deel to be able to sign your contract and monitor your payments. Payments are sent every week and can be withdrawn through local banks.

Our matching team and software do all the work of pairing you with clients according to your strengths, skills, software knowledge, experience and availability. Then they set you up for a kick off meeting where the client decides if you’re a good fit to what they’re looking for. Once a client confirms you, you will be given access to our assistant portal where you can track your time, monitor your earnings and receive feedback from your clients.

Assistants can work as many hours as their clients specify on their service agreement with Magic. Assistants can also accept as many clients as they prefer. Any extra hours rendered need approval from clients and are filed through our assistant portal.

If you’re applying for any of the Magic Dedicated roles, please reach out to our Hiring team at <>.
If you’re a current assistant and have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Magic Dedicated at <>, or @getmagicnow on Facebook

You can send your referral’s resume or have them send it directly to <>. Please follow this format:

Subject: Magic Dedicated – (Position)

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