How Magic Works

Send a text message to Magic just like you would to a friend.

Ask for literally anything, in plain English.

Can you get me an iPad Pro tonight?

1. We read your message and send a reply

Magic reads your request and responds in 5 minutes or less.

Absolutely. I'm assuming you want the best model -- 128 GB with LTE in Space Gray?

2. We find a way to make it happen

Magic clarifies what you're looking for, comes up with a strategy to get it done, and then gets to work.

Magic can book reservations, get stuff delivered to you, send emails on your behalf, and much, much more.

Consider it done. We'll have one at your doorstep by 9:00 PM for $1,226.41 including tax and delivery.

3. We handle whatever you throw at us

Magic handles multiple tasks at once and does not lose track of what's going on.

You'll be surprised by how much Magic can do. Try it yourself!

Thx, can you also send one to my mom? Would be nice to video chat with her tonight.
Not a problem. We'll have one at her doorstep by 9:00 PM as well for the same price.

When do I pay for Magic?

You are only charged once we start actively working on one of your tasks. However, many interactions are free:


  • Asking questions about Magic
  • Thanking Magic (We love you too!)
  • Gifting hours of Magic to your friends and family