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Background Check

We recruit assistants from the Philippines, where options for background checks are different from the United States. Currently, there are two levels of background checks available to be done on assistants:

Level 1: Magic Screening & Verification 

This is free and comes with the service, with the assistant being pre-screened for you. Our screening process involves:

  1. Identity verification check before receiving payments
  2. A phone interview to verify skills and characteristics

Level 2: Government-issued background check & verification

We can also perform a more thorough background check for you for $150 (plus miscellaneous fees) that will verify your assistant’s personal and employment information with government agencies in the Philippines. We will also check their criminal record with the Philippine National Police.

The more advanced background check takes approximately 4 weeks.

If you want the Level 2 background check, we recommend getting the process started during your assistant’s first week. You can wait to give them access to more sensitive information until after the background check.

For more information, you can ask your business development manager during your Discovery Call.

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