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Self Summary

Use this space to provide a written overview of your experiences or professional interests that you’d like clients to know beyond your resume. Showcase your personality and work preference so clients understand if your work style matches their personality.

Some popular topics to consider:

  • Work: do you like different challenges or prefer to get deep in one type of project?
  • Instructions: do you prefer detailed instructions from the start or prefer to get started on basic information, then ask clients for more details?
  • Delegation: do you prefer clients to regularly check-in or do you proactively provide status updates to clients?
  • Professional interests: are there skills or areas of work that you are interested in that clients may have not considered you for?
  • Goals: are you looking to learn skills, gain experience, work with Western clients, or achieve anything from this job besides getting an income? Clients often want to help and are looking for assistants with who they can work long-term.


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