Skills and Proficiencies - Magic Personal Assistant App

Skills and Proficiencies

Identify skills and tools so clients can gauge if your experience is a good match for their tasks.

Common tasks include writing, designing, editing, research, coordinating, etc. Describe your level in each by choosing from one of these categories:

  • Beginner: No experience using this for work
  • Experienced: Basic experience using this for work
  • Advanced: Significant experience using this skill for work (e.g. once a week for several months)
  • Expert: Extensive experience using this skill (e.g. most days for several months)

For each digital tool or platform, describe your level of experience by choosing from one of these categories

  • Familiar: Basic knowledge of the software. You will need guidance before starting.
  • Comfortable: Intermediate knowledge of the software. You’ll need occasional guidance.
  • Confident: Robust knowledge of the software; will only need technical support.
  • Expert: Mastery of the software. You can solve most issues (and help others if needed).

Be honest. Sometimes, talking about your interest in improving certain skills can help clients think about more projects to delegate.

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