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How Does Instant Hire Work?

Instant Hire is designed for clients who have an immediate need for help and want to find, accept and hire new assistants on their own.

  1. Assistants can opt-in to the Instant Hire program from their profile within the Assistant Portal.
  2. Clients will search and browse for assistants on Magic’s website, looking for experience and skills that fit their needs. Magic will only show assistant profiles that are part of the Instant Hire program.
  3. Clients can email assistants with their project proposal and will include the start date and hours they need.
  4. Assistants can approve or deny the clients’ job requests via email. Requests will expire if assistants don’t respond by the start date or if clients decide to cancel the request.
  5. If assistants approve the requests, they’ll be able to start working with their new client by clocking in in the Assistant Portal on the start date.
  6. Once Magic confirms the assistant’s work hours via the Time Tracker in the Assistant Portal, payment will be deposited into the assistant’s Deel account.

Learn more about how Instant Hire is different from Magic Dedicated’s normal process.


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