How do I get paid with Instant Hire? - Magic Personal Assistant App

How do I get paid with Instant Hire?

You get paid the same way with Instant Hire as the normal Magic Dedicated system.  When you start working for clients, you’ll need to log into the Assistant Portal and track your time.  At the end of each week, Magic confirms the hours you work and sends the payment to your Deel account.  Usually, there is a 7-10 day waiting period before payouts are processed and deposited in your account.

In order to receive payments from Magic, you must have a Deel account set up:

  1. Create a Deel account
  2. Verify your Deel account
  3. Link your bank account to your Deel account
  4. Sign a Deel contract with Magic (you only need one contract even if you work with multiple clients)

Learn more about how payouts work at Magic.


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