How is Instant Hire Different? - Magic Virtual Assistant

How is Instant Hire Different?

Typically, Magic talks to clients directly when they want to: find assistants, meet assistants and start working with assistants. Instant Hire allows clients to go through the matching process on their own, without attending any meetings. For assistants, the main differences are:

  • Availability to work: Magic will not contact assistants and ask if you’re available to work. Instead, assistants can opt-in to the Instant Hire program from their Profile in the Assistant Portal. Simply turn the availability switch “on” if you want your profile to show up in Instant Hire searches.
  • Job request: Magic will not contact assistants and tell them about potential clients. Clients will contact assistants directly via email to ask if assistants can work with them. Assistants can approve or deny the job request directly from the job request email.
  • Intro calls: Clients use intro calls to meet and interview prospective assistants. With Instant Hire, assistants no longer need to attend Intro Calls.
  • Onboarding calls: Clients use onboarding calls with assistants as part of the official start date. With Instant Hire, assistants no longer need to attend onboarding calls. However, assistants will need to clock into the Assistant Portal on the start date.  Without clocking in, Magic won’t be able to confirm that assistants have started work with their clients and may have to suspend payouts to assistants until work is confirmed.

While there are fewer meetings with Instant Hire, the Magic team will continue to be available to answer any questions from assistants.


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