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Extra Hours

Extra hours should be agreed upon by both you and your client.  You can request extra hours by using the Time Tracker in the Assistant Portal. Payouts for extra hours are based on the amount that is clocked in at the end of the billing week.

The following conditions should be met in order to have the extra hours be formally recorded by Magic:

  • Requested extra hours should be approved by the client via the Client Portal
  • Requested extra hours for a billing week should be filed within the current billing week
  • Requested extra hours should be fully clocked and logged via the Assistant Portal’s Time Tracker
  • If the extra hours approved are not fully exhausted or logged on the Assistant Portal, Magic will record either of the two (whichever is higher):
    • Your default plan hours with the client; or
    • The extra hours you were able to log on to the Assistant Portal.

7-day policy: For previous weeks, you must submit extra hours no later than 7 days after the end of the billing period via hey@getmagicnow.com.


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