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Extra Hours

If you’ve completed your plan hours but your client wants you to continue working, you may request extra hours. When requesting extra hours, kindly consider the following:

  • Extra hours should be agreed by both you and the client before you work them.
  • Extra hours can only be requested if you have consumed all your plan hours using the Time Tracker.
  • Extra hours will only be paid if it’s approved by the client.

You can request extra hours through the Assistant Portal.

  1. Clock in using the Time Tracker in the Assistant Portal.
  2. Click Request Extra Hours, then input your desired additional hours for the week.
  3. Your client will receive the request in their email for approval


After the request is approved, the Time Tracker will allow you to clock in the additional hours for the week.


Extra hours requested and approved through the portal must be tracked using the time tracker.

If you’re unable to time track your extra hours via the portal, please contact Assistant Support Team via pay@getmagicnow.com.


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