Assistant Onboarding Call - Magic Virtual Assistant

Onboarding Call

The onboarding call is held on the first day of your scheduled workweek.

On this call, make sure you leave with all of the information and instructions you’ll need to carry out the work that week. Some useful information to gather could be:

  • Is there a deadline for your first project?
  • How does the client want to communicate (e.g. over Whatsapp, email, or Slack)?
  • How often does the client want progress updates?
  • Are there milestones for the project? Does the client want to schedule a time to assess your work with you?
  • Are there passwords, software, or other items that you need access to before you can start?
  • What is the desired output (e.g. a spreadsheet, an email, a document)? Is there a preferred format?

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