Save Money And Find The Right VA

Save Money And Find The Right VA By Using These 8 Magic Features

Published: Jan 12, 2022
Last updated: Nov 16, 2022
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Looking for virtual assistants for your business? You’re in the right place. Magic can get you Dedicated Assistants who have skills in the following areas:

  • Virtual Assistant / Admin
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Sales
  • Customer Support

You can build a team of virtual assistants and scale it up or down as needed. If this will be your first time working with a virtual assistant, then you can start with one before getting more.

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Want to make the most out of Magic? Check out these eight features that can help you save money and find the right virtual assistant, which we can match you with within 72 hours.

1. Get a free $100 Amazon gift card by referring people to Magic

You get a free $100 Amazon gift card once your referral is billed for their hired assistant/s.

Just follow these steps to refer someone to Magic:

  1. Copy the referral code we emailed you.
  2. Send your contact the referral code.
  3. Direct them to the sign-up page.
  4. Make sure they enter your referral code while they’re signing up.

Don’t have your referral code yet? Email us so we can send you one. You can also click this link for more information about our referral program.

2. Save more by getting more assistants

You can enjoy a discount if you get 10 or more assistants.

3. Pay weekly billing and avoid long-term commitment

no long term commitmentWe charge $10/hour per assistant through weekly billing. You can cancel anytime.

4. Get additional screening and security services

Rest easy when it comes to security because you can do the following to ensure that your work environment is safe and secure:

  • Have the assistant sign a non-disclosure agreement: If you have an NDA, kindly send it over to us and we’ll ask the assistant to sign it before they start working for you. You could also have them sign other agreements, such as labor contracts. You’re free to sort out such agreements directly with your assistant.
  • Request to run a background check: You’ll need to shoulder the costs of such a procedure. We have two levels of background checks available:
    1. Magic screening and verification: We pre-screen every assistant we recommend to you. This is free and comes standard with our service.
    2. Government-issued background check and verification: We can take care of this for $150 plus miscellaneous fees.
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Customize Your Virtual Team Based on Your Needs

Get a team of qualified virtual assistants through a customized hiring funnel to easily fill in work gaps.


5. Enjoy priority service as a VIP client

magic dedicated VIP

When you acquire at least 120 service hours a week, your account is automatically granted VIP status.

This gets you exclusive benefits, such as:

  • a shorter waiting time for assistants
  • first pick from the most qualified and experienced candidates in our roster
  • customer support priority for faster responses to questions or concerns
  • unlimited assistant replacements
  • a customized hiring funnel that’s tailored to your requirements
  • a team structure that you can configure based on your needs

6. Integrate your assistant into your virtual workplace

You can do the following once you have been matched with an assistant:

  • Onboard the assistant
  • Have them be accustomed to any app or workflow you’re familiar with (e.g. Slack, Trello)
  • Communicate with them via email, phone call, or any online message app (e.g. WhatsApp, Viber)
  • Have them place international calls with internal software provided by us
  • Easily pause and restart work with your assistant whenever you want

7. Switch assistants to suit your needs

You can replace an assistant in either of the two cases:

  • You need someone with a different role
  • You are unhappy with your current assistant

We can match you with another assistant within 48 hours without charging you any cancellation fees. You can request a replacement by reaching out to us via email. Our 24/7/365 client and assistant support services allow for your requests to be handled as quickly as possible, no matter what timezone you’re in.

magic features specialized hiring

We can search for an assistant with skills outside of the four standard roles seen in the picture above. Just let us know what you need and we’ll start looking.

But we can’t guarantee that we can find you an assistant who has a specialization beyond the standard roles within 72 hours.

8. Reward assistants with bonuses and incentives

You can give your assistant bonuses and incentives. We’ll pass on 100% of the raise or the bonus to your assistant.

How Magic works

The matching process has four stages:

  1. Discovery Call: We take note of your business needs and requirements.
  2. Matching: We select the candidates who suit your needs.
  3. Candidate Selection: We provide you with a list of candidates to choose from, letting you assess more than one applicant before making a decision.
  4. Intro Call: We set up a call with your chosen candidate for you to meet and assess them.

If the candidate is a good match, then we will proceed to onboarding so that your assistant can start immediately. Otherwise, we will find more options based on your feedback until we match you with the right candidate.

Ready to get started with Magic or want to level up your experience with us? Visit this link for more information.

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Match With a Vetted Virtual Assistant in 72 Hours!

Magic offers a frictionless way to source and qualify the right virtual assistant for your business so you can get things done fast and efficiently.

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