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Live Chat Sales Assistant

If you make sales directly from your website and/or want to integrate salespeople with your engagement platform, Magic can help. Our AI/Human sales assistants follow up with your leads immediately via chat.

We manage your live chat

Perfect for:

  • Real estate websites
  • Mortgage websites
  • High-touch B2B sales flows

How it works

  1. Give Magic access to your chat platform.
  2. You train Magic on how to respond and what to do.
  3. Magic responds immediately to inbound leads 24/7.
  4. Magic closes or schedules calls with with interested leads.

Step 1: Give Magic chat access

We integrate with

  • Intercom
  • ZenDesk
  • Slack
  • Facebook Messenger
  • And we do custom integrations. Just let us know what you use!

If you don’t yet have chat integrated with your website, we can get you set up.

Step 2: You train Magic how to respond

Because we are human, you can give us instructions like: “Be more friendly” or “Keep the conversations short”.

Example use cases

  • You run a real estate website and want to answer customer questions while they look at listings. You give Magic access to your back-end so we can answer questions like “is there a window in every room?”
  • You have a SaaS checkout page and notice that you have a large dropoff rate at checkout. You want to let clients ask questions right before checkout and discover why they drop off.
  • Your onboarding process involves clients signing up for demos, and you get a higher view to demo conversion when there is someone holding the client’s hand through the process.

Changes to your sales script/process are reviewed and implemented daily.

Step 3: Magic responds immediately

Your account is assigned to a team of 16 people who work in shifts around the clock and are always available to talk with your prospects.

Magic responds to your leads with general response time of under 2 minutes, but our upper limit is 5.

Step 4: Magic closes or schedules calls with interested prospects

If you are selling an enterprise product, you will often times needs to get on a call to make the sale. Magic can qualify and pitch your prospects to schedule demo calls.

If you have a product that can be purchased directly on a website, Magic can guide the prospect through the purchase forms, answering questions along the way.

Step 4: Magic closes or schedules calls with interested prospects

  • You don’t need to hire a full-time person. You can use Magic as much or as little as you want. Use 150 hours one week and 2 hours the next.
  • You only need to train Magic once. You can scale with us quickly because we are already trained.
  • We are an easy replacement for a recently lost team member. Or you can use us as interim work while you find a full-time person.
  • We are 24/7 and have a 5 minute response time, so we can respond to your prospects in all time zones. Your prospects will think you have a superpower.
  • There is no contract to start.

What you get

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager gets to know you, your needs, and your team. This gives you:

  • better service
  • faster service, less knowledge transfer
  • more value per minute, less knowledge transfer
  • ability to put in complicated requests over the phone
  • a proactive approach to identify and remove your headaches
  • POC for any problems that arise

Priority Service

If your team is under high load from other clients, you will always be first in line.

Centralized account management

Give your entire team access to Magic through a single account. This gives you the ability to:

  • integrate Magic with Slack for your entire team
  • coordinate tasks across team members
  • monitor account usage per team member

Custom billing options

We can customize our billing procedure to whatever you need for taxes, internal reporting, etc.

And all the magic

Plus everything that comes with a regular Magic account (24/7 access, team of 16, etc)

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New: Magic Dedicated Assistant, starting at $10/hour.