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New Magic Feature: Groups

Have a list of to-dos that require collaboration with others? Let us help. Magic for Groups lets you loop in friends, family or colleagues to a group chat with Magic. We’ll help you get everyone on the same page and get to work on your behalf!

1. Create & Invite

Create your groups and invite participants. Participants without a Magic account will go through a quick 30 second signup process and be directed straight to your group in the app.

2. Delegate

You’re only charged for the time we’re working on a task, not for chatter. Group owners are responsible for charges on the task. Simple!

Conference Planning

Magic can work out the minutia of attending a conference with your team - book transportation, reserve talks, connect with conference attendees, research attendees, and compile a list of everyone you meet.

Sales Meeting Prep

Give your sales team the ultimate selling tool. Magic can create dossiers on meeting attendees, coordinate meeting times across groups, and have your presentation designed, printed, and delivered in time for your meeting.

Rough Drafts

Collaborate on press releases, invitations, or blog posts - basically anything that needs an extra set of eyes before passing to Magic to have it published or printed.

Team Business Travel

Have Magic book flights for your whole team, find hotels, transportation, dining, activities, and more.

Restaurant Reservations

We’ll help you find a restaurant that can facilitate your group size, dietary restrictions, location, and cuisine preference. We can also coordinate food delivery to your office or home.

Special Events

Let Magic take care of research, coordination and booking for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and holiday get togethers.

More Questions?

Just ask your Magic assistant about how groups can save you time — literally just ask: 

Hey Magic, tell me more about groups!

Or check out our FAQs

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The group creator will be billed for the task when it’s completed. Just like with Magic, you’re only charged for the time we spend working on your task, and it’s tracked by the minute. You’ll be charged at the end of the week along with any other tasks you’ve done as usual.

Currently, Groups is only available on the mobile app. Please make sure you have the latest version of the app to use Groups.

Since Groups is only available in the Magic app, they’ll need to download it to participate in Groups. Of course, you can always collaborate in your preferred channel and send the finalized task to Magic in the “Me and Magic” chat.

Yes, you have the same assistants you normally work with. Feel free to introduce them to your group participants!

Group texting will no longer be supported. This is because the app is a better experience for both you and your group participants and will allow you to track tasks, make additional groups, and add people easily.

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