Frequently Asked Questions


Is Magic a bot or AI?

No, Magic is not AI. Each request is handled by a trained personal assistant.

We have in-house software to help our assistants efficiently complete tasks, store and remember your preferences, and make sure no task is dropped or promise goes unfulfilled.

Where is Magic located?

Our headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.

What does it cost to use Magic?

59 cents a minute for the time spent on your requests.

Example: If your assistants work for a total of 45 minutes, the request will be $26.55.

Magic can also purchase goods and services on your behalf. We will always confirm the price with you before making a purchase.

For each transaction, there is an additional credit card processing fee of 2.4% + $0.30.

How long does Magic typically spend on a request?

On average, for a client's first request, Magic typically spends about one hour.

However, the time spent will completely depend on the request and how well Magic knows you. We get more efficient over time, as we get to know you better and learn your preferences.

I'm not in a major city. Will Magic work in my location?

You can text us anywhere in the world, and we will get to work.

Note that Magic does not have its own drivers or couriers. We use the same third-party vendors and services you use.

If something needs to be done physically, and no service exists in your area, then unfortunately in that circumstance there is nothing we can do. (For example, if you want Vietnamese food for dinner, and there are no Vietnamese restaurants within a 200-mile radius from you.)

I'm traveling. Can I use Magic internationally?

Yes! Magic works for you anywhere in the world. Once you have access to Magic, you’ll have access to our international number.

Please be aware that all of our assistants speak English. Certain requests may be significantly harder to fulfill in countries where English is not the native language.

I don't always have access to SMS. Do you have an app I can use?

Yes, you can download our iOS app here

Is my information secure?

Yes. Magic considers all information related to your account as private and takes significant measures to protect it.

We have a multi-tiered approach to security, including IP restrictions, screen monitoring software, and the encryption of secure information. All employees handling client information sign non-disclosure agreements and are trained in data security.

Can I email Magic my request instead?

Yes, you can! We give you a special, personalized email address to use after you sign up.

I just signed up! What can I expect next?

You will receive a text message from 83489 or +1 (408) 217-1721. If you do not receive a message, email us at


What kinds of things can I use Magic for?

Anything you want. As long as it’s not illegal. Seriously.

Here are some real examples of requests people have put into Magic:

  • "Get me a mobile dentist to my office ASAP."
  • "I need to rent out the Exploratorium this weekend."
  • "I need to rent a car for Yosemite."
  • "Organize my team for a town hall tomorrow."
  • "I need a Snapchat filter created for my sister's wedding."
  • "My 1 pm ran over. Bump my meetings back 1 hour."
  • "I am low on shampoo and conditioner. Can you order it for me? No rush."
  • "I’m out of the office today. Check my email and let me know if there’s anything urgent."

Think of Magic as your new personal assistant. Your assistant is willing to work on just about anything. It's up to you to decide what you want to delegate.

What happens if Magic doesn't get me what I want?

Sometimes, due to factors beyond our control, no services being available in your area, or human error on our end, we may not be able to get you what you want.

If this happens, we will apologize and immediately search for the best path forward. This often means hunting for the most relevant alternative as a replacement.

If at any point you want us to stop working on your request, just text "close request."

How do I return an item I purchased through Magic?

We will attempt to get a refund from the vendor that sold the item. Refund policies vary. Any funds that are returned to Magic will be passed onto you on the card you used for the original purchase.

Your Assistants

Who are my assistants?

Powering Magic is a team of highly-trained human assistants, operating 24/7, 365 days a year. Our assistants are creative, full-time employees who love working at Magic. The vast majority of our assistants are college graduates from top schools.

Our assistants have great jobs with a high potential for growth. We have a custom hiring and training program to ensure a high standard of quality and a fun office culture so the people working for you enjoy their work.

How do I know my assistant isn't lying about how long they worked?

Your assistants do not manually clock time. Because of this, you never have to worry about your assistants over-clocking or lying about the time they spend working.

Our time-tracking software automatically tracks the time spent working on the phone and computer and understands when this time was spent working on your specific request. Each and every assistant at Magic is required to use this software.

Tracked work includes using the internet, making phone calls, and taking notes for other assistants to review.

We do not track time spent on breaks, time spent talking to other assistants, time spent thinking about your request, or anything else that is not directly working on your behalf.

Can I use Magic as a full-time or part-time employee on a specific task?

If you send us a request that requires a specialized set of knowledge (such as bookkeeping or graphic design), or anything involving regular full-time or part-time work, we will look to hire an employee or contractor for you.

Magic itself is a connector to services and professionals. Our assistants themselves will not do the actual bookkeeping, graphic design, etc.

This is for a number of reasons. The main reason is that finding a professional for you will produce a better result. Magic's assistants are trained to be generalists and to connect you with other professionals.

Can my assistant get on the phone and talk to me?

No, we do not support this feature at this time.

We do offer phone calls with an account manager for our business clients.

Can Magic work with my project management tools or other specialized software?

While we do not offer specific training for specialized software, our Magicians are more than happy to assist if you are able to provide instruction.

Making Purchases

How do I pay for goods and services through Magic?

Magic pays for the cost of goods and services on your behalf, and we charge your credit card on file.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most credit cards and payments via ACH. If you would like to make an ACH payment, simply tell Magic you prefer to pay by ACH. To pay with ACH, we still require an active credit card on file, which we will authorize until ACH payments are confirmed.

Can I pay directly for the cost of goods instead of being charged by Magic?

Sure! If you ever prefer to pay the vendor or service directly, please let us know. We will tell them to contact you and ask for payment, or have them invoice you directly.

What we cannot do is use your own credit card ourselves to make a payment. This is for your security. We do not have access to your full credit card information. That information is stored securely by Stripe, our payment processor.

This is why when we purchase things on your behalf, we pay for it using our own credit card. We then, using Stripe, charge your card the same amount plus a processing fee (2.4% + $0.30) to be reimbursed the cost.

Do you add a markup to purchases made through Magic?

No. There is no markup on the purchases you make through Magic. You are charged the exact cost of the items plus a credit card processing fee (2.4% + $0.30).

Magic will always confirm the total cost of goods and ETA provided by the vendor before moving forward with your request. This cost does not include the time Magic spends organizing your request.

Billing and Usage

Am I charged for talking to Magic?

You are charged for the time spent communicating with Magic if it is associated with a request. This is considered part of working on your request.

You are not charged for chatting with Magic outside of a specific request. (For example, asking questions about Magic in general.)

How do I know how much time I've used?

We will send you a weekly email summary detailing the work that was done and the exact amount of time that was spent on all of your requests.

If you want an idea of how long Magic is spending, real time, on a specific request, simply ask. We can send you an alert after every 30 minutes spent.

I'm surprised by how long my request took.

You may be surprised by how often Magic must work through common roadblocks, such as unresponsive vendors, broken websites, being put on hold, drivers who are unable to find to your location, etc. Magic completely handles all of these annoyances for you, and it all takes time.

If you believe that time was spent egregiously on your request, please message our support team.

You can also control how much time Magic spends. You can stop us from working on a request at any time by simply texting "close request." You can also set time caps in 1 hour increments.

Can I set a limit on the time Magic spends?

Yes. You can set a hard limit on any request for 1 hour or more. Simply tell Magic you would like to cap the request and how long you'd like to set the cap for.

Will I be charged for the time Magic spends if I cancel my request?

Yes. If Magic worked on your request before you cancel it, we count that time as time spent on your behalf.

Why was I charged for a request after the initial work was completed?

To ensure a high standard of quality, our policy is to follow through on all of our requests, making sure they are completed. This includes creating reminders for events, tracking your packages, checking in for flights the day before, etc.

If you want us to stop working on a request immediately, text in #close. We will immediately close out the request and not work on it further until you ask.

Can I pre-pay for time?

Yes. You can text in the number of hours you would like to purchase. Time spent working on your requests will be deducted from your balance. You will be charged separately for any cost of goods or services purchased through Magic. Any unused time is fully refundable for 30 days after purchase.

Will I be informed when I reach the end of my pre-paid time?

We do not have a text alert for this at this time. However, your remaining time balance will always be listed on the bottom of each usage report.

How do I view all of my charges and usage history?

For a full usage history, email

What is the courtesy discount listed on my usage report?

Magic may decide at any time to provide some of the work it does for free. This is to improve your experience with Magic and to make sure you’re getting a great value for the time we spend. You will never be charged for the time listed in the courtesy discount.

How do I change my card on file?

Add a card by visiting your profile page and adding a new credit card. Let Magic know by text that you would like to change your active credit card to the new card added.

I would like to charge my Magic time costs and costs of goods to different cards. Can you do that?

Yes, please text Magic and let us know which cards to charge, and we will update your payment information.

How do I get a receipt?

We will provide you a receipt whenever you need one. Text in the receipts you would like, and we will email you a copy. You can also email us and ask at

I have questions or concerns about a specific bill.

Please email your questions to