Magic Manages your Schedule

Once Magic manages your schedule we're available 24/7 for any last minute changes and rescheduling.

8:03 AM
Do you have any dates in mind for your future flight? I'm planning to call United before the deadline on 12/28. Thank you!
8:10 AM
i dont know yet
8:10 AM
is this a one way or 2 way flight credit
8:11 AM
This flight credit is for the roundtrip flight from SFO to JFK and back.

We remember for you

Magic keeps up on your airline credits to ensure you don't lose them

8:15 AM
Hi, Molly. Would you like me to arrange breakfast for you?
8:57 AM
Can you see if I can get my hair cut at around 1pm?

Delegate more

Magic handles multiple requests at the same time

8:59 AM
Also, can you find out if boss laundry in my apartment is open today and tomorrow and if they can pick up my laundry today and have it delivered today or tomorrow, and if not, then can somewhere else
9:01 AM
Got it. I'll coordinate with District Barber Shop for an appointment this afternoon at 1PM PST. I'll see if Ronnie is available.

We remember their name so you don't have to

Magic remembers your preferred stylists

9:11 AM
Hi, Molly. I confirmed with District Barber Shop- Ronnie will be available to cut your hair at 1PM PST.
9:13 AM
Just a friendly reminder, they have a 10 minute cancellation window for appointments. Let us know if anything changes.

Schedules change, we're here to keep you on track

We're on call to make any adjustments based on your schedule

12:00 PM
Hi, Molly. Would you like me to arrange lunch for you?
12:01 PM
Re: Bounce and haircut - great! lunch - no thanks
12:03 PM
Perfect! We hope you enjoy your haircut. We'll also monitor the laundry to ensure it arrives on time today.
12:07 PM
laundry pickup may need to be more like 12:45
12:09 PM
Got it. I'll inform them to move the laundry pick up to 12:45PM PST.
12:14 PM
I've successfully moved the laundry pickup!
12:30 PM
Actually I'm running a little late on everything. Can the haircut be moved to 1:30

We'll take care of the rescheduling

When you're running late Magic makes sure to update your schedule for the day to ensure your tasks still get completed

12:32 PM
That's no problem. I'll call District Barber to move your haircut appointment to 1:30PM PST.
12:40 PM
Ok if that works then let's move laundry pickup to 1:10
12:42 PM
I have successfully moved your haircut appointment to 1:30 PM PST
12:44 PM
Bounce will be picking up your laundry at 1:10PM PST.
12:50 PM
12:52 PM
It's my pleasure!
1:03 PM
I am at my apartment now so they can come pick up the laundry
1:04 PM
Re: Flight- remind me tomorrow

We make sure you don't forget

Magic sets up reminders to ensure you don't drop anything

1:06 PM
Bounce is arriving now. I’ll follow up with you on your flight credit tomorrow at 10 AM PST.
1:08 PM
Enjoy your haircut Molly!