Urgency when you need it

Magic gets to work urgently when you're in a jam

Sometimes "life" happens. You need Magic to help get you out of a jam.

Just let Magic know what's going on. Your assistants will understand it's urgent and will get to work right away. Magic can also deploy two, three, four, or more assistants at the same time if urgent work from multiple people is necessary.

I lost my passport and I'm at the airport
You're currently at Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR)? I'm calling the Vallarta Consular Agency now.
I just got off the phone with the consulate. The good news is that you can replace your passport and still get out today.
I can reschedule your flight to a later flight leaving at 4:30 PM today. This allows you to leave now for the US Embassy to get an emergency replacement. The latest you can walk in for a replacement passport is 12:30 PM, so you should leave within the next hour.
You will need a 2 in x 2 in passport photo and government issued photo ID. I've located a store that has a 30 minute turnaround time for photos near the embassy. I'll direct your driver to go there first.
Do you have a driver's license or other photo ID on you?
Yes I do
Great. If this plan works for you, I can have the car waiting outside the airport in 15 minutes. Confirm?
Yes book the driver
Fantastic. You're all set. Your driver Paulo will be waiting outside for you, license plate: ZHB-45-39.
I've also rescheduled your flight to Flight 459, leaving at 4:30 PM today.