Complete Large Projects

Magic can help you finally finish entire projects

Magic is great at taking large projects and breaking them down into many steps. Just tell Magic what you want to accomplish, and they'll get started.

For example, if your project is to redesign your living room, Magic will help you come up with options for furniture, paint, accessories, TV mounting, and more. Magic will show you pictures of designs and arrangements you may like and will take your feedback to heart.

Alternatively, Magic can also locate and work with an interior designer you'll love.

When you've together decided on a plan, Magic can purchase the items on your behalf, coordinate the shipping, and arrange for furniture movers to arrive if necessary.

Art shown can be found here and here.

Your chair will arrive today at 5 PM PST. Did you get a chance to review the options for artwork?
Yes. I think I want more abstract art for the walls. Something yellow-ish.
Sounds great! I'll find you a few great options that are yellow-ish and more abstract. I'll update you at 4 PM.
Here are a few different options:
Both options are high quality prints, within your budget, and can be made 24 x 36 inch, which will fit nicely on the wall by your chair.