Get Stuff On Demand

Magic brings you stuff when you need it

Magic can locate items and purchase them on your behalf.

Magic uses the same services you use to make deliveries happen, like Amazon, Uber, Favor, and others.

If it's an urgent delivery and no service is available to make it happen, Magic can contact a taxi company or local courier to purchase and deliver the item for you.

I need a Spiderman costume by 3pm
I'm on it! Is this an adult-sized costume?
Thanks! I'm looking into the best way to get you a Spiderman costume by 3 PM. I'll update you at 11 AM PST.
I can have a local courier deliver you an adult-sized Spiderman costume by 2 PM PST. It is spandex and modeled after The Amazing Spiderman. The costume is $84.99 and the courier fee is $35.
Would you like me to proceed?
Yes! That looks perfect.
Great! I'm confirming the delivery now. I will update you when the courier is en route.