Allow Magic to Take Care of the Group

Pass off the group bookings to us, no need call around and try to work with a services to fit your group in- we't got you covered. While we're at it allow us to make it recurrring.

10:46 AM
Also, can you call Divisadero Nails and make an appointment for three tomorrow at 12 PM- Mani (Gel) Pedis
10:48 AM
I'm looking into making a Mani-Pedi appointment for 3 people tomorrow at Divisadero Nails at 12 PM. I'll update you in 30 minutes.
11:07 AM
Hi, Caroline! I've confirmed your Mani-Pedi appointment for 3 with Divisadero Nails located at 1858 Divisadero St, San Francisco, 94115 tomorrow at 12 PM PDT.
11:08 AM
You can ask for Nancy when you arrive at Divisadero Nails.
11:10 AM
Thanks so much!
11:00 AM
Hey Caroline! Quick reminder- you have an appointment at Divisadero Nails at 12 PM PST today for 3 people. Enjoy!
11: 56 AM
Thanks! Can you set this up every two weeks for the three of us. Same time, same place, same amount of people.

Make it recurring

When scheduling recurring appointments with Magic, let us schedule them out for you so you don't have to think about it. We'll remind you when the appointments are coming up so you have time to let us know if we should cancel or reschedule

11:58 AM
You've got it Caroline! I will set up recurring appointments every two weeks with your group at Divisadero Nails at 12 PM PST.
11:59 AM
To confirm you would like gel manis and regular pedis?
12:00 PM
12:02 PM
Great! We're reaching out now and will confirm with you in 15 minutes.
12:16 PM
Hey Caroline, you and your friends are all set up with recurring appointments every two weeks on Saturday at 12 PM PST. We'll remind you the day before and an hour before.
12:21 PM
12:00 PM
Hey Caroline! Just a reminder you and your friends have your nail appointment tomorrow at Divisadero Nails at 12 PM PST.
12:15 PM
Thanks for the reminder, can you pull Missy's name from my contacts and send her a reminder?

Share your contacts with Magic

Instead of having to provide us with your contacts information you can simply share your contacts to save you time

12:17 PM
You've got it Caroline- we are sending a reminder to Missy now. We'll update you in 2 hours once we have confirmation from her
12:31 PM
Hey Caroline, Missy got back to us already! She's all set to join tomorrow.