Flights With Your Preferences

We become more efficient with your flights the more you allow us to book. The first flight you book we will have all the standard questions for you, but as you continue to use us we use your preferences to speed things up.

2:06 PM
Can you look into flights for me to fly back to sf and then come back here? Look at flights leaving around 3/1 give or take a few days and then coming back here in 3-4 week, looking for the best deal on direct flights
2:08 PM
I'm on it! I'm looking into flights leaving Manila and arriving at SFO then coming back to Manila in 3-4 weeks.
2:09 PM
I've taken note that you're looking for the best deals on direct flights. I'll update you in 30 minutes.
2:28 PM
Upon searching for direct round-trip flights from MNL-SFO, I found one flight from Philippine Airlines for $1,076.
2:28 PM
The flight will leave on Friday, 03/03 at 10PM PHT and will arrive at SFO at 6:10PM PST.
2:29 PM
The return flight will leave on 04/01 at 11:30PM PST and arrive at 4:30AM PHT the next day. Would you like to proceed?
3:06 PM
Is that the best price, even if i am willing to be +/- a few days here and there
3:06 PM
The next cheapest round-trip flight would be leaving MNL on 03/07 and will cost $892. Are you open to booking this flight?
3:06 PM
what about one that leaves a little sooner, is there one for that price?
3:08 PM
Unfortunately, all the flights in the week of 03/01 and in February are in the $1,000+ range. The cheapest flights would be in the week of 03/06.
3:09 PM
how much are one way tickets, i.e. how much do i save by getting the round trip (the original 3/3 date was the best after all thx)
3:10 PM
I'm looking into how much you'll save if you purchase one way tickets. I'll update you in 20 minutes.
3:26 PM
It will be more cost-efficient if you purchase a round-trip ticket. A one-way ticket from MNL-SFO already reaches $920. The flight back would cost $630.
4:01 PM
what day of the week is 4/1
4:02 PM
April 1 is a Saturday.
4:04 PM
what about return on 4/2 what does that look like
4:06 PM
Upon checking the price for the return round-trip flight on 04/02, it will be the same price of $1,076.
4:07 PM
ok lets go ahead and book that then
4:07 PM
actually, dont book just yet
4:08 PM
but i will let you know shortly :O)
4:10 PM
Understood. I'll be on standby for further instructions.
4:13 PM
can you ask me in 1 hr to confirm
4:15 PM
Absolutely. I'm going to touch base with you regarding the flight in 60 minutes.
5:15 PM
Just checking if you'd like to purchase the tickets from PAL for an estimated cost of $1,076? I'd love to help you out!
5:16 PM
Book it- Thx :)
5:18 PM
Great! I'm booking the flight and will update you with the confirmation in 15 minutes.

No need to repeat yourself

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5:20 PM
We're sticking with the free allotted baggage and I’ll be including your Mabuhay miles when booking this flight.

Frequent Flier programs

If you've shared your loyalty programs with us already, we keep it on file and make sure to use it

5:21 PM
5:22 PM
You're welcome!
5:32 PM
I've successfully booked a round-trip flight from MNL-SFO for a total of $1,111.26. I will e-mail you the confirmation details in 15 minutes.
5: 40 PM
thnks- can you CC my brother when you email it to me
5:41 PM
You're welcome! I will definitely CC your brother when I email it to you. I’ll pull his email address from your contacts.

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Sharing your contacts with Magic makes it easy for us to pull their information so you don't have to find it yourself.

5:47 PM
I've forwarded the flight confirmation to your email and have also CC'd your brother.
5:49 PM
Great thanks!
5:51 PM
Anything for you!
6:05 PM
Thx! Can you email my flight again for 3/3

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6:07 PM
On it! I'll send you the flight information for 03/03. I'll update you in 10 minutes.
6:17 PM
I've emailed your flight details from MNL-SFO on 03/03.
6:33 PM
6: 32 PM
You're welcome!
5:00 AM
You're all set for your flight to San Francisco tomorrow! I'm sending you a copy of your boarding pass.

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8:00 PM
Do I have a window seat on my flight?
8:02 PM
Yes, I made sure you have a window seat on your flight to SFO today. :)


Let us know your travel preferences and we will make sure to use them.

8:06 PM
Ok thanks!
8:08 PM
You're always welcome!
5:00 AM
This is a reminder of your flight today to San Francisco at 10PM PHT. Have a safe flight!

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6:10 PM
Welcome back to San Francisco, Molly! I hope you had a safe flight. Would you like me to book an Uber to your apartment?