Family Birthday Reminders

Never forget a birthday again and let Magic make sure you have a gift they'll love.

1:59 PM
I am terrible with Birthdays can text me a week before each of the birthdays below and remind me they are upcoming and also make sure I get them a gift?
2:01 PM
Of course, Jenn. We're on standby for the dates. Once we have them we will send you a reminder a week before each and also follow up until we get them a gift you you confirm that one has been purchased.
2:02 PM
We'll also make sure to add them to your calendar
2:45 PM
Awesome! Birthdays:
Alexis (sister)- May 14
Mom (Sally)- April 22
Dad (Dusty)- Sept 16
Chris (Brother)- June 10
Maddie (Niece)- Sept 18
Will (nephew)- August 25
Thomas (brother in law)- Nov. 22
2:48 PM
We're adding all the dates to your calendar now and setting up reminders to ping you a week prior to each birthday.
2:50 PM
At that time we'll remind you the birthday is a week out and make sure to you've got a gift ready to celebrate them. Your family will never think you're forgetful again.