Dinner and a Movie

Your turn to plan date night? Let Magic take care of all the details.

10:01 AM
Hey Magic! I want to surprise my girlfriend with a well planned date night. I'm not the best at planning. Something simple like dinner and a movie.
10:03 AM
You've got it, Adam. When were you looking to set this up?
10:07 AM
Tomorrow night. Something near Fidi, dinner first around 8 PM and then a movie after. My girlfriend loves oysters and martini's so if we can make that happen that would be great.
10:09 AM
We're on it, Adam. We're going to find a great restaurant where you and your girlfriend can enjoy oysters and martini's. We'll follow up dinner up with a movie downtown. We'll update you in 30 minutes.
10:35 AM
I've got great news for you, Adam! We were able to secure a rare 8 PM reservation at Leo's Oyster Bar for you and your girlfriend. There was nothing available online but we called and got a last minute cancellation.
10:37 AM
Leo's is currently on the Eater SF heat map and has been raved about for the last few months. The food, decor and bar menu are great- inclusive of Martinis! What do you think?
10:51 AM
That sounds perfect- can you put on my calendar? Also, what about the movie?
10:53 AM
Figuring you'll be enjoying oysters and martini's for an hour and a half, we figure a 10 PM movie at the Metreon nearby would be best.
10:55 AM
To pair with date night, our suggestion of movie would be the Academy Award Nominated La La Land with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. There is a showing at 10:05 PM and I can get two tickets for $33.98.
11:00 AM
Do it! Can you email me the tickets and put on my calendar.
11:02 AM
You've got it, Adam. I'll update you in 15 minutes with confirmation of tickets and dinner.
11:16 AN
Adam, your date night is all set for tomorrow. You are confirmed at Leo's Oyster Bar at 8 PM PST followed by La La Land at the Metreon at 10:05 PM PST.
11:18 AM
I have emailed your tickets to your email address and placed both events on your calendar. Let us know if you'd like us to get you an uber after dinner.