Magic is great at research

If you need something researched, just send Magic on it. We'll spend the exact amount of time you want researching any subject you need to know about.

We can compile our findings in a spreadsheet or write it down in a written summary. Let us know what you want, or we'll come up with a plan for you!

I want you to do 4 hours of market research on nanotechnology. Please break it down and do research on the general category + all three subcategories: nanomaterials, nanotools, and nanodevices.
Include historical market cap, most valuable applications today, and potential future applications.
My pleasure! I will start researching nanotechnology, nanomaterials, nanotools, and nanodevices. I will include the findings you are looking for in a spreadsheet. I'll update you at 2 PM PST.
Hi! I've completed a portion of the document and have tracked 1 hour, 45 minutes so far. You can check on my progress here:
Looks great! If you complete the list before the 4 hours are done, spend the rest of the time finding companies that are involved in the creation of graphene.
Absolutely! I will add a list of companies related to graphene manufacturing as the last tab on the sheet.
I will update you again at 4 PM PST.