Customer Support

Magic can assist with customer support

You can use Magic to power your customer support.

Simply tell Magic that you'd like it to handle your support. We will provide as many trained assistants as is needed, to accomodate for any need that you have.

Have any special instructions? Just pass them along. We can follow your specific guidelines and protocols exactly the way you like it.

You have complete control over how many hours Magic works on your behalf. Just tell us an hourly cap, or give us another goal to hit. Magic is as flexible as you'd ever hope for.

I have about 50 support tickets each day that need to be answered. I'll email you instructions with my ZenDesk log in.
Great! I will await your email.
I've received your email. Thank you! I'll get started on this right away.
Whenever a ticket is completed, I will update it in this spreadsheet: