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Interoperability Institute

“Janet acts as an extension of me—and she does a very good job at it.”

Vincent Alessi
Interoperability Institute Associate Director

Vincent Alessi
Vincent works with his dedicated assistant Janet to streamline his personal life and manage his two businesses, consulting work, and research activities.

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To say that Vincent Alessi wears many hats would be an understatement: serial inventor, entrepreneur, scientist, and investor, just to name a few. For Vincent, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to accomplish everything he needs to.

When asked about his business, Vincent laughed and replied, “Which one?” Leading one business is hard enough, but somehow, Vincent manages to lead multiple at once, even while performing research at the University of Michigan Schools of Medicine and Engineering.

With so much on his plate, Vincent’s day-to-day is hard to pin down. One thing, however, remains constant: his Dedicated Assistant Janet.

Business and personal assistance

Janet has been working with Vincent for around six months now. She helps Vincent in two ways: streamlining his personal life (which, he admits, is inextricable from his work life), and assisting him with two businesses, his consulting work, and his research activities. Put simply,  Janet has been “insanely flexible and has been exceptionally able at managing a variety of workstreams.”

Owning calendars and saving time

“She acts as an extension of me—and she does a very good job at it.”

Janet completely owns Vincent’s calendar. Vincent simply tells Janet where he needs to be and she ensures that he attends. So much of Vincent’s day involves hours of video calls, and the sheer amount of people who want to meet with him would be personally unmanageable if not for  Janet’s help. Janet’s handling of his schedule alone has saved him around eight hours a week,  effectively giving him back a day of his week. For Vincent, that means a lot, and he doesn’t know how he would have survived the last six months without her.

Research projects and more

Much of Vincent’s work involves research, and he has no problem asking Janet to complete light literature reviews for him. After putting together a brief how-to, Janet will compile resources, arrange them into a citation set, and present them to him. Janet has replaced the need for working with an undergraduate research assistant in his field. Vincent sees this as an incredibly valuable resource, especially when working closely with undergraduates hasn’t been possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Janet even attends presentations on Vincent’s behalf and records them so Vincent can view them at a more convenient time.

“[Janet] has been so competent that I’ve been able to say, ‘Okay, I’ve incorporated an LLC—I  need you to do everything else.” From setting up the website to figuring out the operational infrastructure to even picking out the name, Janet manages to get it done seamlessly.

Building trust for easier delegation

Throughout the course of their work relationship, Vincent has grown to trust Janet with his information, which makes it incredibly easy for him to delegate tasks. Janet has access to all of  Vincent’s logins, which allows her to pull up the necessary information for Vincent when needed. He has even provided her with a credit card extended from one of his accounts to make their workflow even smoother.

Magic Dedicated Client Dashboard

The simplicity and familiarity of Magic

Vincent was drawn to Magic due to its convenience and simplicity. Magic handles all the sourcing, screening, and hiring to match busy people like Vincent with a Dedicated Assistant who can help them get more done.

A long-time Magic-user, Vincent would often send Magic a picture of whiteboard notes and request a PowerPoint presentation of it the next day. Magic always delivered, and he knew he could trust the service. Janet is his first Dedicated Assistant, however, and he plans to work with her for years to come.

Pre-screened and handpicked Dedicated Assistants

Vincent has tried many different personal assistant services. “They’re either very finicky or insanely expensive,” he admits. Dedicated Assistants are pre-screened and handpicked for each individual and work with you for only $10 an hour. If by any chance your Dedicated Assistant doesn’t work out for you, Magic will work quickly to match you with another one.

Seamless and easy scaling

Another aspect that draws Vincent to Magic is the ability to quickly—and seamlessly—scale up as needed. If he needed three more assistants to work on a project, for example, Magic could easily provide the extra help. Having learned Vincent’s preferences over time, Magic could match Vincent with other Dedicated Assistants that meet his qualifications. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to grow a remote team, and you can have peace of mind knowing that Magic is handling all the details behind the scenes.

From managing calendars to attending presentations, Janet helps keep Vincent’s life on track so he can accomplish everything he needs to do. Interested in your own Dedicated assistant?  Get started today.

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  1. Interested. I own multiple companies and wear many hats as well. Would like more time to spend with my family.

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