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Ulmer Ventures

“Magic has helped me deliver more for my clients because it has freed me up to do my best work. “

Kwame Ulmer
Ulmer Ventures Principal

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Ulmer Ventures advises companies on complying with Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) processes and regulations. Ensuring compliance is a fairly technical niche, so Kwame Ulmer and his team take a very hands-on approach to work.

Between recruitment, research, and consultations with clients⁠—often scheduled at a moment’s notice, due to the nature of their work⁠—Kwame’s team was, until recently, stretched thin. Well aware of the problems this could lead to, Kwame sought out an assistant to let his team focus on their most pressing tasks.

Full Control of Your Schedule

Kwame went through a few options, eventually enlisting the help of Thea through Magic. Thea’s tasks are largely administrative: she manages the team’s schedules, researches service providers, and looks up candidates for interviews. She organizes relevant information, so it’s at the team’s fingertips anytime they need it.

“I was spending countless hours scheduling meetings,” Kwame says. “She’s eliminated that problem for me.” Now, he and his rigorously-screened team are readily available to meet with clients and address their concerns.

I didn’t know what a good assistant could free me up to do. I didn’t really fully appreciate that [until I was] connected with the right person.

Shorter Response Times, Higher Targets

Without administrative tasks cluttering his schedule, Kwame says his hours are much more focused: “keeping my clients happy, doing a select amount of [business development] and really just delivering for my clients.”

What does delivering for clients look like?

We went from responding within 36 hours to responding within 2.5 hours.

With a reliable assistant handling their administrative backbone, the Ulmer Ventures team can respond to clients more quickly and attentively. This is doing wonders for client satisfaction and retention.

“We probably had a 60% chance of hitting our sales goals for the year,” Kwame says, “But with a good assistant… we’re meeting our quarterly sales goals. So I have 95% confidence now that we’re  going to meet our sales goals [and] generate the revenue that I was targeting for 2021.”

A-Level Assistance

Like other things in business, finding an assistant can take multiple attempts. This was true for Ulmer Ventures, and Kwame stresses the importance of getting the right person for the job. There’s a huge difference, he says, between a passable (or worse) assistant and what he calls an “A-level” assistant.

Don’t settle, be willing to switch out assistants.

An “A-level” assistant doesn’t just perform their tasks to the minimum. They anticipate your needs and adapt to the way you work. They’re proactive, and take the initiative to do work that makes your duties run more smoothly. You can delegate complex tasks to them, knowing that they’ll be done right.

“It’s a game changer.”

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