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“Rozene has gone above and beyond what her resume said she could do.”

Petra Reyes
PetroGo Founder

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Petra Reyes founded her first company when she was in college, and that tells us a lot about her drive and entrepreneurial spirit. PetroGo began as a company for processing oil and gas service invoices and is now a one-stop-shop for oil and gas companies, offering marketing, network consultation, and business development services.

On top of leading PetroGo, Petra has taken a full-time position at Pilot Water Solutions. She’s also in the process of getting her MBA. Needless to say, she has a lot of work on her plate.

With her attention divided between her company and her new position, she needed some assistance to keep her business running smoothly. Magic came in at just the right time in her life and matched her with a Dedicated Assistant to help get things done.

“I was worried about being spread too thin,” Petra remarks, which is one of the reasons she wanted to work with a Dedicated Assistant. Now that she’s working with Rozene, she has been able to take on a lot more responsibilities, accomplishing both roles while expanding her business.

Intuitive matching process

Magic’s team helped find Petra the perfect candidate for her needs. After a few conversations, Magic knew that Petra needed someone who could be as versatile as she is. Petra was so impressed with Magic’s matching process and her Dedicated Assistant Rozene that she told her on the spot that she got the job.

She chose Magic because she felt like she was working with real people, not bots or AI. “The matching process was so intuitive and the team was so helpful.”

Staying organized and on track

One of the main qualities Petra wanted in her Dedicated Assistant was superb organization skills. Because she works with so many different companies, Petra wanted assistance with keeping track of all her pending tasks and projects. Magic matched her with Rozene, a Dedicated Assistant who would help Petra stay organized and on top of her to-do list.

Rozene joins Petra on her Zoom calls and takes notes, making sure to keep track of what action points come up during meetings. “It’s really helpful to have another set of ears,” Petra comments.

Managing emails and customer relationships

Rozene has organized Petra’s email for her. She monitors inquiries from businesses seeking out PetroGo’s services and follows up when needed. Petra also copies Rozene on all her sales emails so that Rozene can put together a chart of all her clients, tracking who might need a follow-up or approval. When it comes to developing customer relationships, having a Dedicated Assistant by her side has been incredibly helpful. Petra likens this to having all the benefits of a CRM without having to manage one.

Going above and beyond

Rozene has also helped Petra with organizing spreadsheets, financial projections, building brochures, and putting together proposals. “Rozene has gone above and beyond what her resume said she could do.” Magic’s hiring process is specifically designed to find great candidates like Rozene. Dedicated Assistants pass an initial screening and in-depth questionnaire to ensure a great match every time.

Interested in your own Dedicated Assistant? Get started today.

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  1. I am interest in speaking with someone to learn more about your services to determine if this will be a good fit for my business.

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