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Santos Jewelry

“…I like that she’s passionate about what I’m doing and her graphic design skills are really good. She’s willing to communicate and be flexible with my timing.”

Marilu Villanueva
Santos Jewelry Founder and Chief Designer

Marilu’s assistant refined the branding of Santos Jewelry, which translated to improving its look and feel.

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Santos Jewelry productsSantos is a jewelry company based in New York City that works silver, gold, and stones into designs inspired by a mix of folklore and theology. Its founder, Marilu Villanueva, is also the chief designer, using jewelry as an outlet for culture and creativity.

One challenge Marilu faced was translating her aesthetics into branding that would thrive online. As she was focused on conceptualizing and creating jewelry, she needed someone who could build the brand through social media, graphic design, and packaging.

Refining the Look and Feel of Santos 

Before enlisting the services of Magic, Marilu struggled to find a worker who could market her products effectively. She’d had assistants before, but they’d been more interested in learning how to make jewelry of their own than in actually establishing the Santos brand.

That all changed when Marilu started working with Maricon, her assistant. From making short promotional clips to designing social media graphics and packaging, Maricon handles the look and feel of Santos.

Not only does she improve the brand visually, but she also creates assets that are in line with the brand identity of Santos. This translates to cohesive branding on social media.

Marilu appreciates her proactiveness and her judgment. “I only give her suggestions and on her own, she does logos and packaging ideas, themes. She also makes snippets for my Instagram,” Marilu says. “She’s giving it an overall tone. [It’s] really cool.”

Timely Improvements to Company Branding 

Marilu and Maricon operate in different time zones, but this is an advantage, not a hindrance. While Marilu sleeps, Maricon finishes her assigned tasks, and by the time Marilu wakes up, the deliverables are ready for her review.

“I find that works cause she’s really flexible. [When] I wake up in the morning, I feel like I have… work [already] presented, and in that aspect, it kinda works.”

“She’s running the  Facebook store, running the Instagram store. […] She’s bringing it to life.”

Reviving Santos’ stores on Facebook and Instagram

Considering that sales are one of the most important aspects of a business, it is vital for Marilu to ensure that the company’s efforts are generating leads. Maricon helped in that regard by bringing back to life Santos’ Facebook and Instagram stores. Currently, the company is finishing packaging and marking products. Once they are done doing so, Santos will sell its products on the two social media channels.

While the company has yet to generate sales from Facebook and Instagram, Marilu is hopeful that the efforts of Maricon will produce desirable results. After all, her assistant significantly enhanced the branding of Santos.

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