Custom Sales Persona - Magic Virtual Assistant

Custom Sales Persona

How it works

When representing itself to your potential clients, Magic can act as any persona. You can have Magic message as you, using your account. Or have Magic create its own persona, such as Jeff, a sales rep at your company.

Magic using your name

If you want Magic to communicate as you, you have two options. You can create a new account under your name, or you can have Magic log into your primary account.

Having Magic use a new account keeps it separate from your main account. However, you may want Magic to reach out to people already in your network. In that case, you’ll want Magic to log in and message from your account.

No matter what you decide –¬†add your login account info as a Secret.¬†This is the secure way to add sensitive information such as a username and password.

Magic using a new identity

Magic can represent itself as a person in your company. Let’s say, “Jeff Ayers”, a sales rep who recently joined your team. Yes, that’s totally made up. You can name Magic anything you want, with any gender or identity you’d like. It’s completely up to you.

Not using a persona

You don’t need to give Magic a new identity. You can simply mention Magic by its name. For example: “I’m CCing Magic, who will help us schedule the appointment.” If you want to explain what Magic is, you can say it’s your assistant or it’s an app.

New: Magic Virtual Assistant, starting at $10/hour.

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