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Closing Leads

How it works

Magic will help you close more warm leads by replying to any inbound lead quickly — within 5 minutes or less. Magic uses a proprietary task management system to keeps track of every lead. Magic guarantees it will never drop a lead, ever.

Fast replies

Magic will help you close leads while they’re still warm by responding to any reply in less than five minutes. 

For each reply, Magic will write a custom message on the fly, based on your objective. For example, if you’re trying to get leads to sign up through a website, Magic will include the link in the reply. If you’re trying to schedule a call, Magic can ask for their availability. If they ask to no longer be messaged, Magic can unsubscribe them or add them to a DNO list.

You can change anything about how Magic responds. Magic is completely customizable and will learn any protocol you provide.

Persistently follows up

Magic can follow up with any inactive lead as many times as you’d like. You can tell Magic to send a unique “nudge” to any lead at any scheduled interval. 

We’re used to doing this in a friendly and polite way. We “nudge” our customers regularly over text, so it’s second nature to us.

For example, you can text Magic:

If we don't get a response from a lead after 2 days, send a nudge. Keep doing this every 3 days until you've sent 6 nudges. Anyone who has received 6 nudges, put into a separate spreadsheet.
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