Magic: On-Demand Human Assistant for Business

On-demand human assistant to grow your business

Businesses use Magic so they can focus on closing deals, meeting deadlines and scaling their business.

I've completed the spreadsheet to include all 200 leads. The CSV file has been emailed to your work address.
I've completed the spreadsheet to include all 200 leads. The CSV file has been emailed to your work address.
It's Mark Birmingham's birthday next Thursday. Would you like me to send him and his wife a card?
It's Mark Birmingham's birthday next Thursday. Would you like me to send him and his wife a card?
Yes and find me the best flight to New York from the 14th-21st
Yes and find me the best flight to New York from the 14th-21st
Great. I'm on it! I'll give you an update in 20 minutes.
Great. I'm on it! I'll give you an update in 20 minutes.

Get a response in 5 minutes or less from a trained human assistant on SMS, iOS, Slack, or the web. Magic responds 24/7, 365 days a year.


Colin recently went to a conference and returned with a list of new potential leads. He is missing several key pieces of information for each lead and needs to fill it out before he can start a campaign or upload them to the CRM. He sends Magic a spreadsheet of what he has and Magic fills in the missing information. Learn more


Chloe would like to target a particularly important account to sell her product, but her contacts are months out of date. She sends Magic the list of contacts and Magic updates the lead information so she has the best chance of reaching and selling the account. Learn more

Live Chat

Sue runs a real estate website and would like to answer questions from prospective clients directly on her website. Magic integrates a chat platform to her site and answers client questions during checkout. Learn more


Mary is recruiting a new engineer and spends most of her time managing the hiring funnel and scheduling meetings for herself. She lets Magic handle the funnel and calendar so she can focus on closing candidates. Learn more

Customer Support

The Holidays are just around the corner and Colin knows that there are a spike in orders during the end of the year, and a corresponding spike in support tickets. He hands off support to Magic so that he can focus on maximizing sales. Learn more


Sarah is managing the design of a new product offering. First she wants to do market and competitor analysis. She uses Magic to put together a spreadsheet of all products in the space, their features, annual revenue, market share, and anything else she needs to know.

Much More

  • Travel arrangements
  • Food ordering / delivery
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Data tagging / annotating
  • Event planning

Trusted by busy people

Magic is a YCombinator and Sequoia backed company and we’ve been doing this for 3 years. We can handle whatever you throw at us. Here’s what our customers say about us.

Jack Abraham
Jack AbrahamPartner at Atomic
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Magic is instant power at your fingertips. It has saved me time and time again.
Paul Bohm
Paul BohmFounder at Stealth Startup
Read More
Magic is magical! Delegating our administrative tasks to Magic allowed us to focus on building a great product instead of daily minutiae.
Ryan Holmes
Ryan HolmesCEO, SpaceVR
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Magic is like having Elon Musk as your secretary.

Business Pricing



Per user per month



Per min for time spent working

Use as much or as little Magic as you need, 24/7. Only pay for what you use. You will not be charged anything until you activate your account.


No. You can use Magic for anything that you can delegate. The above are only to provide examples that you might relate to.

Expertise work is anything that requires significant training, experience, or expertise in a field. This includes any kind of phone interaction such as sales or phone support, as well as any type of content creation such as email drip campaigns. It also includes live chat support. This does not include general SDR work, email customer support, data cleaning/imputing, or calendaring. You can ask your account manager about a particular task you would like us to work on and they will let you know if it is expertise or not.

First you will get on a call with an account manager who will understand your business on a deeper level and work with you to determine the right number of employees to give access to. They will create you an account and you will put a card on file. If you are a solopreneur you can start delegating right away. If you have employees to onboard Magic will create each of them a “child” account and give them access through their preferred channel. We support Slack, Email, and SMS. Once onboarded they can start delegating right away.

Magic’s billing breaks down into 2 types. Magic bills for the time our people spend on your tasks as well as for items that you purchase. The most common setup is for a single business card to cover all expenses. However, if you would prefer employees to pay for items they purchase, we can do that as well. Make sure to bring up your preferred billing setup during your onboarding call. For monthly minimum plans, the minimum is charged at the beginning of every month.

Switching plans, reducing employee count, and cancellations take effect on the next billing cycle (the first of the following month).

In order to maintain 24/7 coverage, we assign your company to a team of 16 people. That team works on overlapping shifts. So when you put in a new task you will get one of those 16 people working on it, depending on the day of week, time of day, and vacation schedule of the people on your team. If you have ongoing tasks we generally have the same person work on them throughout the task duration. This does not mean that you are charged $0.59/minute * 16 people. You are only charged for the minutes that any individual team member is working on your tasks.

No, we train them. Each “magician” goes through 8 weeks of general training before working on any tasks. You will, however, have to train them on your specific product/company/service. Because Magic remembers information on the team level, you only have to train us once and then if you need to scale you don’t have to retrain magic the way you would have to train a new employee. Additionally, if a team member leaves your account, you will not experience any gap in service.

No. You are working with full-time employees. Magic has an office space, we do cultural events, have our own HR, hardware, software, etc.

We have proprietary software that tracks your team member activity across the desktop, web, phone, and our internal systems. This activity is then processed into a detailed report and the time spent is calculated and reviewed. Upon receiving your bill every week, you have the opportunity to discuss the particulars with your account manager.

Good! Please email us and then you can ask as many questions as you want during your onboarding call.

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