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Complement your existing team with experienced professionals. Magic drives ROI, saves capital and gives you more time to focus on closing deals, meeting deadlines and scaling your business.

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Administrative Assistance

We can cover any task you’d normally pass to a dedicated admin on your team, from managing calendars to processing invoices.  Leave it to us to ensure your team is operating at max efficiency.

Sales Enrichment & Qualification

We can set up your sales team to get more business.  Clients task us to streamline the sales process, qualify leads and get them into the hands of sales team, ready to be closed.

Talent Sourcing & Qualification

We can help grow your team. Talented folks are in high demand.  Let us handle candidate sourcing, qualifying and evaluation so you can focus on the interview.

The flexible workforce that

Integrates Perfectly into your Existing team

Scale your needs up and down. Give us the busy work that costs your team’s time.  No need to worry about hiring, training and managing additional people. Get started right away with Magic.

Magic’s remote workforce is made up of vetted college educated staff with deep experience in admin, sales and recruitment best practices. We’re  driven by the highest quality standards and will respond within minutes, 24/7.


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The Tools you already use

Magic Integrations


Add your team to Slack to send tasks directly to Magic. Just @magic when you need something done. Add Magic to your entire slack channel for project management and give your whole team immediate assistance.

Video Conferencing

Add Magic to your video conferences to take minutes, collect notes, and organize next steps. Spend time focusing on your call and we’ll make sure any follow up required is done.

Sales Support

Add Magic to your sales funnel using your current programs and we’ll jump right in. We’ll use Salesforce to enrich leads, do user research, and schedule calls. We’ll use LinkedIn to follow your guidelines on sourcing new leads.

Project Management

Add Magic to your project management tools to streamline your work. Assign Magic tasks directly from the tool and see the progress of the task on the same dashboard. Ask Magic to manage your dashboards to stay organized, keep on top of tasks, and catch anything falling through the cracks.


Add Magic to your hiring process and recruit better talent faster. Use Magic to source new hires, schedule interviews, do code challenges, and call references. All you have to do is show up the interview.

Marketing & Ecommerce

Magic can take care of the day-to-day management of your marketing and ecommerce tasks. Add new users to email lists, compile email newsletters. Use Magic to manage your Shopify store and add new products and reply to user reviews. Add Magic to your social media accounts and we’ll reply to ever comment, like, and source new followers.

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Learn more about all the ways Magic provides your business flexibility, drives ROI and ultimately, gives you more time to focus on scaling your business. 

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Magic case study

“Magic makes me feel like I have superpowers”

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Daniel Odio is the CEO of Armory, a YC-backed company that provides the world’s leading continuous delivery platform, Spinnaker, at the enterprise level. Armory uses Magic to launch new initiatives faster, provide higher quality service to their customers and spend less time doing routine tasks.

Magic Turns LinkedIn Into An Automated Sales Tool

Magic completely automates Linkedin for Armory’s executives and sales team. Armory gets the full benefit of Linkedin without their sales team wasting time on the platform. For everyone on the sales team, Magic automatically finds the most relevant 1st and 2nd degree contacts and adds them into the company’s CRM, Pipedrive.

Magic and Jira makes Armory’s Support Super-Responsive, 24/7

Magic constantly monitors Armory’s Mode Dashboards to identify whenever a customer experienced an error. As soon as the error is spotted, Magic creates a support ticket in Jira. Once the ticket is made, Magic alerts Armory’s support team and engineering team so that they can address the issue immediately.

Magic Ties Together Armory’s HR Tools To Automate Employee Onboarding

Armory has internal company software for their tribe, where every employee has a profile, can communicate with one another, connect, and share information. Magic makes sure each new employee is onboarded properly and set up with their internal account. Magic syncs this information with Bamboo HR, Armory’s HR platform.

Latest Customer Stories

Our Customers love what we do

Don’t just take it from us. Top entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors use us to free up their teams to grow customers, scale talent and increase organizational efficiency.

Jack Abraham
Jack Abraham

Partner at Atomic

“Magic is instant power at your fingertips. It’s saved me time and time again. I literally haven’t been able to ask for something it couldn’t deliver and I’ve been trying!”

Justin Kan
Justin Kan

Entrepreneur & Investor

“Magic is especially awesome if you have creative ideas for things you want to get done that you don’t know how to start yourself.”

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