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Access to assistants for your entire team

Magic gives your team 24/7 access to trained executive assistants. Simply send us requests, and our team will handle it.

You have a growth meeting with Kathy and Greg scheduled for 9:00 AM EST. Will you be able to attend?
See if they can re-schedule for 11 am.

Focus your team on what's important

Does your team spend time on repeatable tasks day in and day out? Are they spending time on tasks that aren't absolutely essential? Send these tasks to Magic instead.

Delegating tasks to Magic is not only convenient, it's also practical. Most businesses save money using Magic. Teams also report being happier and more productive, now that they can focus 100% on what's important.

I finished contacting the 100 leads and emailed you a spreadsheet with the results. I've also CC'ed Greg in the email.
Awesome! I have another batch on the way.

Example requests

Perform research
Build an itinerary for an upcoming trip
Collecting leads
Following up with clients
Correspond with co-workers to set up weekly meetings
Make purchases and handle last-minute deliveries
Order office supplies
Assist with moving and relocating team members
Creating promotional materials
Writing articles

Pricing for Businesses

The standard personal Magic service starts at $35/hr. For teams and businesses we offer different pricing, including different hourly rates and additional account management services that you may add as needed, depending on how you want to use Magic.

We cover all extra operational costs ourselves, including:

  • Recruiting
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Management
  • Support
  • HR
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Secure computers and equipment
  • Phone bills and Internet bills
  • Legal Fees
  • Cultural events for our staff

This gives you the benefit of having a team of 24/7 assistants, without having to worry about any additional overhead.

If you are using Magic for Business, an account manager will talk to you about this if needed.

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