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Why Hire a Marketing Assistant for Luxury Goods and Small Clothing Business

Why Hire a Marketing Assistant for Luxury Goods and Small Clothing Business

Small Clothing Business Owner

Developing a brand entity is a must in starting a small clothing business because people, especially Generation Z, seek brands with messages that resonate with them. But to reach your target market and stay relevant despite changing trends, you need to implement different online marketing strategies with your brand entity as the core.

A marketing assistant can take on responsibilities from campaign set-up to analytics so you can get more things done for your clothing line. Magic offers a quick and efficient way to delegate online marketing tasks to a virtual assistant.

Marketing a Small Clothing Business Online

The future of fashion marketing is highly personalized. Apparel and luxury goods brands rely heavily on online marketing to expand their markets and distinguish themselves through shopping experiences. Below are online marketing strategies you can use in your small clothing business:

1. Build your web presence

The starting point of marketing a small business online is creating a page on shared digital marketplaces or, even better, a website. It is a platform where you can sell fashion and luxury items, as well as promote your brand to your target market.

Consider aspects such as web design, copywriting, and photography to reflect your brand, and SEO practices to optimize your website.

It is also a good idea to add a blog to your website and provide high-quality and relevant content to help your small clothing business to appear and rank in search engine results. Email marketing also helps entice people to visit your website using exciting content and offers.

2. Be active on social media

People use social media to browse for the latest fashion and luxury goods. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to reach and engage with your target audience.

Take advantage of organic social media to create awareness of your brand. This also includes user-generated content (UGC) which has higher engagement and conversion rates without the content production costs.

However, simply posting to your social media accounts isn’t an effective approach on its own. Paid social advertising, using purpose-made ads or promoted posts, can reach a specific targeted audience outside of your followers.

3. Reach out to influencers and bloggers

Grow your marketing strategy by increasing the number of influencers and bloggers talking about your brand. Influential social personas in your niche can feature your apparel and luxury goods on their platforms so you can turn their followers into potential customers.

There’s no need to enlist big names to promote your small clothing business. You can work with micro-influencers who have smaller individual followings but have better engagement than mega-influencers. They are also more likely to gain the trust of your target audience where they overlap with their niche or expertise.

4. Incorporate professional experts

While your luxury goods and clothing brand may just be a small business, it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything. The key to growing your small clothing business is having experts manage key areas of your business.

Experts in social media, email campaigns or digital ads can maximize your online marketing strategies using the best practices to ensure significant results. This also includes getting professional help in web design, photography, and content writing. A marketing assistant can also take on different marketing tasks to get more things done cost-efficiently.

Do You Need a Virtual Marketing Assistant for Your Business?

Magic Virtual Marketing Assistant

These days, virtual assistants do more than just administrative work. They can also provide support in different business areas such as managing your overall online presence by assuming general or specialized marketing roles.

Here are the benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant for a small clothing business:

1. Boost productivity

Marketing isn’t just lead generation. It includes studying the market, coming up with innovative ways to win over customers, and improving strategies using consumer information. There’s a lot to be done but a virtual marketing assistant can shoulder responsibilities such as:

  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Engaging with the online community
  • Creating content and simple graphics
  • Setting up ad campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Analyzing the performance of online marketing strategies

This way, your in-house marketing staff can concentrate on developing and improving your marketing strategies so your small clothing business can effectively compete for brand recognition and loyalty in a saturated market.

2. Reduce expenses

A virtual marketing assistant is already knowledgeable and experienced in digital marketing so they can immediately contribute to your team. They also work remotely using their own devices, reducing overhead costs for training, office space, and equipment.

Hiring a virtual assistant also saves you from recruitment costs. They charge on an hourly or project basis, unlike full-time employees who need fixed salary packages plus benefits.

3. Deliver marketing consistency

Small business clothing stores need to be consistent with the quality of their products and this also applies to their marketing efforts. Frequently posting on your blog and social media accounts, engaging with consumers, and updating marketing campaigns sustain online visibility.

A dedicated virtual assistant can oversee the digital marketing traffic of your small clothing business to solidify brand recognition and trust among the target audience.

4. Reinforce your brand to the target audience

Branding for small businesses is essential to winning over customers. A virtual marketing assistant can continuously relay your core message, company values, and other brand elements to your target audience through engagement.

By having an actual human behind your social media accounts, your brand will be more authentic and relatable to people. A virtual assistant can also provide extended online hours for your business since they may be working in a different time zone.

Get a Magic Assistant for Your Online Marketing Needs

Get Started with Magic

Easily integrate a virtual marketing assistant into your clothing line. Magic can match you with the virtual marketing assistant within 72 hours. Hop on a call with us to talk about what your business needs help with and we’ll handle the hiring process from there!

Magic Assistants provide dedicated support in marketing areas such as SEO, ads campaigns, social media, copywriting, basic video/graphic design, and analytics. Scale your small clothing business according to your needs and capacity with Magic’s pricing plans.

Online marketing provides countless opportunities and innovative strategies to reach a wider target market but also focuses more on engagement at every step of your buyer’s journey. With a virtual marketing assistant, you can get tasks done to free up your team and ensure that your marketing efforts stay relevant.

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