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6 Tips to Accelerate Business Growth with Magic

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
June 6, 2022
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Small business growth is challenging because of the need to establish business processes and learn about target customers. You also have to explore ways and strategies to determine the ones that bring about good results for your business.

Many tasks that drive growth are fairly routine and can be sped up by getting a remote assistant. Get one who can grow with the company and help you manage daily tasks that naturally arise as you find effective ways to accelerate business growth.

Business Tips for Success

Here are six tips on how to grow your business that your Magic assistant can handle for you:

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Hire the right staff

The secret to growth is employing the right people. Hiring the right virtual assistant brings the support you need so routine tasks are done efficiently – enabling you to focus on meeting customers and building your business. 

Company growth and development are continuous processes that require adding more people as you grow and expand. Your Magic assistant can handle your collecting information on applicants and arranging meetings with those that meet your standards. This way, you can focus on handling the final interviews of the shortlisted candidates only instead of recruiting and screening all applicants.

Prioritize established income sources

Before focusing on getting new customers, make sure that you’re taking good care of your existing customers first. To do this, have your Magic assistant implement your company’s customer loyalty or referral program. Also, your VA can try out your chosen marketing strategies depending on the purchase histories of your existing customers. 

For example, Dropbox, an online file-sharing service provider, rewards successful referrals and its new user an extra 500 MB of free storage space, resulting in a 60% increase in 2010.

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Match With a Vetted Virtual Assistant in 72 Hours!

Magic offers a frictionless way to source and qualify the right virtual assistant to your business so you can get things done fast and efficiently.

Minimize risks

Minimize risks, especially when you’re considering how to grow your business exponentially. Have your Magic assistant find ways to limit internal or external company threats. Also, ask them to set an appointment with your business insurance provider to know what possible threats your company should expect. This way, you can prepare proper risk management strategies that your VAs can implement as soon as the risks arise. Remember to constantly review your policy to check that your business has the right coverage, especially when your company expands rapidly.

Unity Technologies, a media and entertainment startup, developed and shared SSDLC as one of its security practices with other companies in its industry. It involves regular assessments and bug-bounty programs to make sure that all their software and applications are virus-free and safe from internal and external attacks.

Be adaptable to developments

It’s vital to be open to business growth ideas and capitalize on promising ones. In addition, being adaptable to changes is one of the most effective business development tips you should follow. Ask your Magic assistant to monitor the business developments your company has chosen to be a fast-growth business. You can use the progress reports to determine if you need to switch directions to be on the right track for the growth of your business.

Google created Google Ads to complement search results. To boost better search results further, it published and acquired digital assets that increased ad-driven revenue. So, as its content increased, traffic and ad space increased too. Google shows great adaptability that allowed it to grow and expand to its current status today.

Emphasize customer experience

Enhance your customer service to improve people’s overall experience with your business. Ask your Magic VA to look for effective ways to fast-track deliveries, an easy shopping experience, a smooth checkout process, and more. The growth of a business depends on its existing and potential customers’ happiness and loyalty to your brand. So, your VAs should cultivate good customer relationships by knowing what services you can improve to make your customers happy.

The real estate startup company OpenDoor helped at least 100,000 people find their dream homes. One of their stories showed how Eric and Cassandra Herrin of Texas needed a new home as their family grew. With OpenDoor’s help, they didn’t need to do the house hunting. It helped them sell their old home and buy a new and better home.

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Take advantage of social media

Another way to accelerate business growth is to create profiles for all the social media platforms for your business. Have your Magic assistant optimize your profiles to searchers can find them easily.  Also, take advantage of the features on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram that enable you to improve reaching your potential customers. 

For example, after your VA creates and optimizes your LinkedIn profile, have them encourage visitors to follow your page using the “Follow” button. This is to let them know the latest company news and offers whenever your VA posts updates on your LinkedIn account. Your VA can also promote your Company Page in newsletters, blogs, and emails.

Hire a Magic Assistant To Help Accelerate Business Growth

Magic takes pride in matching clients with the right Magic assistant. With just one discovery call, we grow your business by letting you choose a Magic assistant (from the shortlisted candidates) who will help you handle routine tasks involved in maximizing your business growth potential. 

Take advantage of the seamless collaboration and communication tools that Magic has for our clients. Plus, skip the recruiting and screening process by telling Magic what qualities and skills you’re looking for to help boost your small business growth. Hire your Magic assistant to help manage daily operations as you accelerate business growth. Get started today!

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