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5 Powerful Tactics to Increase Brand Awareness with Magic

Li Ramos
Li Ramos
June 13, 2022
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No matter how great your product is or how much you spend on promoting it, it won’t get far without a brand. You should strive to increase brand awareness for consumers to recognize and choose your business over competitors.

Brand awareness indicates how familiar your target audience is with your business and what it offers. It involves the recall of not just the name of your business but also the general perception of your brand identity, knowledge about your products or services, and other unique attributes.

There are many ways to increase brand awareness but they can take up a lot of time and effort, which can affect your marketing team’s productivity. By hiring a Magic Assistant, you can get an innovative perspective and technical assistance in getting your brand out there.

Brand-Driven Strategies

building blocks of brand awareness

Establish Brand Identity and Personality

Brand awareness initiatives are the first stage of the marketing funnel. They establish trust and brand equity so people are more likely to buy from your business. You need to develop and implement your brand identity and personality. These make your business more like a person than a company to which people can relate better.

A Magic Assistant can research your ideal customer profile, value proposition, and competition to help you understand your business and niche better. By focusing on your brand’s strengths and unique attributes, you can spread knowledge about your business more effectively.

Design your logo, templates, packaging, and other elements of your brand identity according to what your business is all about. You can also develop the language you’ll use to connect with your target audience that reflects your business goals, values, and offerings.

Your brand identity and personality should be unique to stand out from your competitors. So, make sure to look into opportunities in executing brand-driven strategies such as incorporating humor into your brand if appropriate. A great example of this is Old Spice, which used comedy to solidify its place in popular culture.

Utilize SEO and PPC Advertising

Internet users usually don’t go past the first page of search results. In fact, 28.5% of them click the first organic result on Google. The search engine results page (SERP) layout significantly impacts this click-through rate (CTR).

With SEO and PPC strategies, you can increase brand awareness by ensuring that your business shows up on the first page of Google search results. And, even if people don’t end up clicking on your website or ad, it will still make an impression on your target audience in terms of building brand awareness.

Both SEO and search ads take time and effort but reap great benefits. A Magic Assistant can take care of your SEO and PPC strategies to help your marketing team. They can do keyword research to start your SEO campaign using different tools like Google Ads to ensure the relevancy of your targeted keywords.

A Magic Assistant can also set up campaigns for SEO and PPC using the gathered data so your marketing team can focus on more result-oriented activities. Using industry best practices, they can optimize campaigns to make them customer-centered but make sure that it doesn’t go beyond the budget. This can be through targeting local areas and experimenting with different bidding strategies.

To ensure that you find opportunities to increase brand awareness, a Magic Assistant can perform regular audits of your SEO and PPC campaigns. Track your progress to see what’s working and what’s not so you can maximize and adjust your efforts accordingly.

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Step Up Your Social Media Presence

Online sociability is how an entity develops and keeps social contacts on the internet. It accounts for 52% of brand reputation. You can increase brand awareness by taking a multichannel approach to connecting with your target audience.

Social media platforms allow you to easily reach and interact with your customers in a fun, engaging way. However, both consumers and businesses are almost always online so the expectation to access you 24/7 should be met. This can be time-consuming for your marketing team.

With a Magic Assistant, you don’t have to hire a full-time employee to monitor your social media accounts. They are a low-cost alternative that can also extend your online hours since they are remote workers operating in a different time zone.

Your marketing team can have a difficult time handling different social media accounts that could weaken your brand personality. Reinforce your brand consistently with a Magic Assistant. They can ask questions to your audience, respond to comments and posts, or highlight and share customers’ content related to your business. 

Raffles wherein participants share your brand through posts or links for an entry ticket is a sneaky way to increase brand awareness. Your Magic Assistant can also host social media contests to generate content from your community such as submitting a photo or video other users can vote for.

An effective way to boost your online presence is by creating social media ads that your Magic Assistant can set up. With this, you can build awareness and get more leads. Lastly, they can perform analytics for your organic and paid content on different social media platforms using your preferred tools.

Focus On Getting Social Proof

Social proof influences people to emulate certain behaviors such as buying from your business as well. If applied in marketing, it can help increase brand awareness and even drive sales. Reviews, recommendations, and testimonials can provide social proof. But to earn them, your business should provide value to consumers whether through its product or service, customer support, or social impact. Look into incentivizing your customers’ activities such as giving bonuses, discounts, or free samples.

A Magic Assistant can help create a positive experience to foster social proof. Aside from marketing initiatives, they can also assist your customer support team in addressing complaints and other pain points to improve customer experience. They can also help your sales team in qualifying leads for better chances of closing deals.

Another way to get social proof is to tap into influencer marketing. A Magic Assistant can find the right influencers in your industry and communicate with them for paid promotions. Online influencers impact the decision-making of 61% of consumers. This is because these online personas relevant to your niche, especially micro-influencers, can easily build awareness and lend you credibility among their existing audience.

Likes and hearts in social media

Link Up With Other Brands

Get your brand known in the industry you’re in by collaborating with other businesses. One way to do this is through guest blogging which offers memorable and valuable content to make a lasting impression on new audiences.

Local partnerships are great brand awareness initiatives if your business targets a local population. This can be hosting seminars or festivals, sponsoring local sports teams and groups, and even donating to charity.

However, reaching out and coming to an agreement with other organizations can take up a lot of time. Juggling external communications with other business functions can also lead to misunderstandings that cost time, effort, and even money.

Hiring a Magic Assistant for this hard-to-fill role is a cost-effective way to free up your time and get support in other business areas. They can liaise with organizations whose target audience is relevant to your business so you can increase brand awareness together. To do so, a Magic Assistant can manage your email and calendar, as well as answer phone calls for you.

Hire a Magic Assistant for Your Brand Awareness Strategies

Building and increasing brand awareness results in having a loyal customer base that recognizes and chooses your business over competitors. Since brand awareness initiatives can be done in a lot of different ways, it’s just a matter of maximizing your efforts.

A Magic Assistant can boost the productivity and efficiency of your marketing team by providing support in strategies to increase brand awareness. They can fill in different roles such as:

  • General Virtual Assistant – data entry, research work, email management
  • Sales Assistant – appointment setting, lead generation, data mining, lead qualification
  • Digital Creative Assistant – graphic design, video editing, animation
  • Digital Marketing Assistant – SEO, PPC, social media management
  • Customer Support Assistant – phone/email/chat support, escalation management

Within 72 hours, Magic sources, screens, and qualifies the right virtual assistant based on your business needs and goals. Schedule a call with us to discuss how a Magic Assistant can help grow your business!

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